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    London Midland Desiro Livery (images)

    Sorry for the quality. Very bright conditions and pics taken on phone camera. Interiors remain untouched, apart from from the old generic CT/SL maps signs and posters have been replaced with green on black LM branding. They haven't yet replaced the onboard Central Trains announcements on the...
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    Duff Thrash! Turn up the bass! (..please don't break Tom's server!)
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    VT : Removal of Value Advance minimum fares

    Not sure if you railcard holders were aware, but the £10 minimum fare for Virgin VA tickets has now been removed. Whether the quota availability will be there for railcard holders compared to undiscounted fares is something else though.
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    Keys not working in NR trains

    Not heard of this problem before, posted by a new user on the TSC guestbook. Can anyone advise?
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    Maybank extensions

    Just an update to let you know I've updated the fotopics page with 48 new screenshots. The Maybank line has been renamed NWM (Network West Midlands) as there are two new branches being worked upon, Tony an I thought it necessary to get rid...
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    Maybank re-write

    Hi All, Just to let you know that Tony Haylor has sent me the new Maybank files, and they'll be uploaded sometime today when my headache subsides. It's flippin' amazing (the route, not the hangover) The new features: 2 night routes. *Every* signal glows - makes it a bit more...
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    BVE4 HST (warning big images)

    I have almost finished the cab, just awaiting the addition of sounds now.