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    Unable to book a Southern + London Midland Only Advance at ticket office

    Some Advance Southern/LM fares will only show on Tribute if you specify the exact origin station. Eg. Input Liverpool Stations you only get Any Permitted, VTWC, or XC fares. If you put in Liverpool Lime Street you'll instead get the Southern&Lon Mid fares. It's also a problem when searching...
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    London Midland Desiro Livery (images)

    Sorry for the quality. Very bright conditions and pics taken on phone camera. Interiors remain untouched, apart from from the old generic CT/SL maps signs and posters have been replaced with green on black LM branding. They haven't yet replaced the onboard Central Trains announcements on the...
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    TSC 47 released

    Thanks for the comments guys. The thing is that those 'exhaust' sounds really are the way we modelled them, you just don't get the sounds when you open up the throttle either from a stand or at speed - it's more of a general rumble as recorded for powerup.wav. The clouds of clag combined...
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    Duff Thrash! Turn up the bass! (..please don't break Tom's server!)
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    BVE4 Sandymill Loop Updated

    It's a shame the author didn't use the updated route files I sent him a few months ago. I moved the AWS magnets and APSR signs to more realistic locations, and added working AWS for him. Still a very good route though.
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    170 bing to 158 bing

    Good point Peter. Should have got you to beta test it!
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    170 bing to 158 bing

    Other way around, The 153 view in BVE is the A end or 'big cab'! The 'B' end has the reverser and PA handset down to the left of the drivers seat, and cheap plastic surounds to the brake and throttle rather than the stainless steel ones in the big cab. Not to mention there ain't room to swing...
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    VT : Removal of Value Advance minimum fares

    Not sure if you railcard holders were aware, but the £10 minimum fare for Virgin VA tickets has now been removed. Whether the quota availability will be there for railcard holders compared to undiscounted fares is something else though.
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    Tsc Update

    Good point, but pre class 350 CT operated SL liveried 321s B'ham - Northampton. :D
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    Tsc Update

    The signal to your right is for the mainline so won't ever change from red ;) If you're on the bay platform line your signal is a little further on to left. [EDIT] Yes, all of the locals are currently operated by Central Trains.
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    Tsc Update

    Don't forget the class 37 train.dat is set up as a double header! Regarding the 66 on the bank, you should be able to manage 25-20mph: Upon passing the 60mph sign at the bottom you should be doing 30mph, open up immediately and keep the throttle open until you hit the TPWS loops at the...
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    Tsc Update

    And very nice the 323 is too :) Glad you're having fun with the route. (I'm sick of the sight of it now)
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    Timetable Codes

    Yep, the number at the top is the diagram number. The first two letters signify the depot code, such as : MA Maybank BD Brookfield NN Norton WL Wellford LH Ludgate Hill In real life this resume would be a longer list, showing a breakdown of your work for that diagram; some...
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    Slick's Site

    So has Slick's 'new' website! Quote from
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    Maybank extensions

    Are you sure?
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    Maybank extensions

    I've updated the screenshot page with some new shots of the Network West Midlands route.. I've rebuilt the CT/Centro Sprinter object series with photobased textures after being inspired by Shanes lovely 170. Simon G has rebuilt the station called...
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    Maybank extensions

    Love it Jordy! Still like TC's very much too.
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    Maybank extensions

    Superb stuff TC, but can we get away with using tfLs design?
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    Maybank extensions

    Yes, the semi fast is diagrammed for the 156 but the linespeed ain't all that great, mostly 60mph.
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    Maybank extensions

    Blimey maps coming from all angles! I'll post the station names, but stopping patterns haven't been finalised, but they should be : Highgate loop Line ================== All Stns Blackbrook Lower End Whitminster (turns of main line) Steelhouse Lane Highgate Salford Bridge Long Tirley Dosett...