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    (Denmark) DSB EMU contract awarded to Alstom

    It will be Alstom that delivers DSB's new EMUs that wil be based on the Coradia Stream platform. And at a first glance they look very similar to the Dutch ICNG. They will be 25 kV only, so only used for domestic routes, with a top speed of 200 km/h and seat 300 passengers each. The initial...
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    First electric train from Zürich to München didn't go as planned

    Today was the first day with electric trains all the way from Zürich to Munich. But it didn't go according to plan, the first train had only made it as far as Hergatz where it was sent to an unelectrified track. Short newsclip about the incident: (In German)
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    [DK] DSB's first three EBs (Vectron) have arrived in Denmark

    DSB's first EB's arrived in Denmark earlier today, here is a video of them shot in Padborg where they were handed over to Hector rail for the last bit of the journey.
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    [DK] First DSB EB (Vectron) spotted

    The first of DSB's new locos have been spotted in Munich. It can be seen here:
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    Revival of the night trains continue, ÖBB to start Vienna-Paris

    Night trains are coming back. And according to a tweet from ÖBB, they plan to start operating Vienna-Paris in 2024. (From 2024 we plan a direct Nightjet between Vienna and Paris.)
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    [DK] The end of the EAs getting closer

    The EA have been DSB's only electric passenger locomotive, but now they only have 4 left and they will soon be replaced by EBs (Vectron) when they arrive later this year. Danish train driver and youtuber Kenny has made a nice film about the locos including cab views and interior. In Danish, but...
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    [S] Replacing a railway bridge in central Stockholm.

    This is the last summer that the railway south of Stockholm C is closed as the last bridge will be replaced this summer. Trafikverket has a pretty good youtube channel and sometimes they publish a film about large construction projects in English as well, and the film about the last bridge has...
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    The Öresund bridge, 20 years today

    Today it is exactly 20 years since the Öresund bridge between Copenhagen and Malmö was opened. It was a pretty controversial project at the time but I think there are few who still think it was a bad idea. It was hardly a new idea either, the first formal application for a rail line across the...
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    SJ to buy new high speed trains from Bombardier.

    SJ's plans to buy new high speed trains (called Delta) have been halted by some legal battles. But they have continued the negotiations and are now ready to sign a contract with Bombardier, citing urgency as a reason to not redo the whole tender. The order is for: Read more...
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    Snälltåget officially announces Stockholm-Berlin night trains.

    In a Facebook post, Snälltåget has announces that while they cancel all trains to Berlin in 2020 due to the pandemic, they will introduce night trains between Stockholm and Berlin in 2021. The trains will run daily (nightly?) in June, July and August and during weekends in April, May and...
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    Construction of the Fehmarn Belt tunnel to start in January.

    The Danish government has now decided that the construction of the tunnel under Fehmarn Belt will start in January 2021. It is expected to be opened in 2029. Press release (in Danish):
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    Sweden: Trafikverket wants to buy new trains for the Stockholm-Luleå/Narvik sleepers.

    The locos and carriages used on the sleeper trains from Stockholm to Luleå/Narvik are getting old and Trafikverket wants to do something about it. They have asked the government for the money needed to replace them with new vehicles and buy vehicles for the Stockholm-Jämtland sleepers. In total...
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    SJ to spend 12 billion SEK on modernizing their fleet.

    SJ seems to be doing pretty well. They are upgrading the X2000 trains, the first one will be ready later this year, as well as the night trains. And they are in the process of procuring 30 new high(er) speed-trains. Today they announced that they are also spending 3 billion kronor on 30 new...
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    Malmbanan Kiruna-Narvik open again

    After four days, and a lot of work, the trains stuck inte the snow on the Kiruna-Narvik line has been freed. A sleeper train from Narvik ran in to a bit more snow than it could handle, passengers were evacuated and yesterday evening the line was finally cleared. But snowdrifts between 5 and 7...