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    Crewe Hub government paper March 2018

    Crewe Hub government paper March 2018 Although the paper title says: High Speed Two: Crewe Hub Consultation Response Presented to Parliament by the Secretary of State for Transport by Command of Her Majesty March 2018 - actually, a lot of the paper is not specifically about HS2. For example...
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    Do British people expect everything they are allowed to touch to be inherently safe?

    Moderator note: split from My suggestion to increase the prices charged by on-board trolleys Well that's the problem isn't it? Something that works well in other countries is ridiculed in Britain. Are British people so very careless about their own welfare? Do British people expect everything...
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    Where stands the DUP on railways?

    It appears that Mrs. May's government is now in an informal partnership with the DUP. Where does that leave the railways? Does the DUP even have a policy as to the railways. Plea - please keep this thread on the topic of railways and not wander off into politics generally.
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    Electric road opens 22June2016 Sweden

    Basically trolleybus technology but for lorries, not buses. Photo - warning, large file
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    RMT Annual General Meeting 2015

    RMT AGM 2015: President's address RMT President Peter Pinkney delivers his address to the 2015 AGM in Newcastle. AI5P8Ukwlbo Peter expresses his displeasure with the present government.
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    Selective speed limits

    I recall reading that the speed limit over the Leftwich Viaduct could be raised if Pacers were banned from the route. Is an alternative to have different speed limits over the viaduct for different types of roiling stock? Is this sort of thing done elsewhere?
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    New Scotland and HS2

    The case for terminating HS2 at Crewe just got a bit stronger. Liverpool votes to ditch England as Merseysiders say let's join 'New Scotland' 12:17, 14 May 2015 By John Siddle Sign the petition here...
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    MAN airport - Chester. Permitted routes?

    Please can someone tell me the permitted routes if one buys a single at Manchester airport headed to Chester? Options seems to be (unless I have overlooked something): 1. via Styal and Crewe 2. via Earlestown and Warrington Bank Quay 3. via Liverpool and Hooton 4. via Stockport and Crewe...
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    Steam trains make a comeback in Donetsk

    At least one steam train is being brought out of a museum and being put back into service in Debaltsevo, in the disputed DNR (Donetsk Republic). В Дебальцево начали разминирование железнодорожнего ДЕПО и ремонт составов In Debaltsevo started clearance...
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    Coal across break in gauge (Standard/Russian)

    Coal across a break in gauge (Standard/Russian) There is some talk of Ukraine urgently obtaining large amounts of coal from Poland. But for the break of gauge, such shipments would obviously go entirely by rail. Perhaps a little by road. An alternative is to ship by rail from mine to a...
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    Last minute or on the spot upgrade

    I apologise if this question has been asked before, I couldn't find it. And it's a bit sensitive/delicate I don't want to embarrass anyone. To cut a long story short, I'm booked on a weekday evening, last long distance train from London, first class, and now I discover, by coincidence, that a...
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    Left luggage, was it always so expensive

    I recently had occasion to check into the possibility of leaving a couple of suitcases at St.Pancras / Kings Cross for a few hours. (to hit the library before catching a long distance train). Sticker shock - £8.50 per item. Was it always so expensive (inflation adjusted) in post war days...
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    Crewe-Chester HS2

    It has been mentioned that 25kV OHLE electrification of Crewe to Chester would be relatively expensive because of the many ancient bridges. Even to the extent that DC 3rd Rail might be considered. But the benefits, including to North Wales, might be sufficient to make it worthwhile...
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    Easy connection route Berks-Yorks

    I have an American friend who is coming over to visit in mid March and she will need to travel Bracknell to Huddersfield or Halifax (either is fine) and reverse a few days later. She is using a Britrail pass which allows unlimited travel (on each day) in first class. So any route, even...
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    Subsumed and abandoned

    At least couple of infrastructure projects, that seem pretty modest but valuable in their own way, appear to have vanished because they were subsumed into larger projects. The larger projects failing because they are too ambitious for the times. (1) Proposal to extend third rail from Bidston...
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    Liverpool railway museum idea

    Does anyone know any more about this proposal? Converting the truly enormous former Tate & Lyle sugar silo building into a branch of the National Railway Museum would be very exciting. I think (not sure?) it would necessarily involve re-instating a mothballed tunnel that runs underneath...
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    Double decking light rail

    Thinking about HS routes into city centres (notably HS2 in Manchester, but more generally), I was toying with existing rights of way that are modernly used primarily for commuters and reusing for HS. So I go to wondering, since it is so expensive to either elevate or tunnel HS, whether there...
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    TOPS Total Operations Processing System

    Is TOPS still in use anywhere in the world outside the British Isles? Anyone know?
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    Triple system electric rolling stock?

    In another thread (Infrastructure) I mentioned the line still in place from New Ferry to Birkenhead docks. And then in a dream imagined boat trains to the 12 Quays Irish ferry terminal at Birkenhead. The suggested electrification from Crewe to Chester (is this more than a trainspotters...