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    European ticket stock style

    I am always wondering which organization regulates the european railways (e.g. ticket sale, routing, fare computation for international journeys and rail passes like interrail)? Many European countries (inc. those out of EU countries like BiH) have the similar ticket stocks. Anyone knows the...
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    railsail to Douglas, IOM

    I am planning a trip from Oxford to Douglas, IOM next weekend. I am wondering if we can take the Liverpool to Douglas ferry instead of from Heysham. I think we can, but I don't know why, the liverpool ferry was not on the NRE or Raileasy journey planner. Thanks!
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    XC wifi

    I am now on a Manchester-Southampton Cental XC voyager service. The Wifi is available but not free. When did they start to introduce charges on their wifi? I remember that only one set of their trains has wifi installed? And it was free. How many trains have they equipped with wifi so far? There...
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    When did the restriction of Edinburgh (EDB) - Oxford (OXF) not via London change?

    When did the restriction of not via London SVR between Edinburgh and Oxford change? Now it became 2V, and not valid on southbound services departing before 9:30 :( I hate XC...
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    Permitted route?

    I just played with, and found that from OXENHOLME LAKE D to MAGHULL via Warrington is permitted, but from OXENHOLME LAKE D to TOWN GREEN is not, while map WG should allow both, right? Thanks!
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    Weird Fare for Oxford - Isle of Wight

    I tried to search a return fare between Oxford and East Cowes, I found an Anytime return is cheaper than an off-peak return? Is that a common phenomenon across the national rail network?
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    Cheaper way to travel between Edinburgh and Oxford?

    Hi, I travel a lot between Edinburgh and Oxford, on average, 2 returns per month. I am wondering what is the cheapest split strategy to travel in the following scenarios with a 16-25 card: 1) Flexible fare The cheapest way I knew so far is a Edinburgh-London Terminals Super Off Peak...
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    Excess the return part

    Hi, I have a off-peak return ticket Oxford-Birmingham International. I am wondering if it is possible to excess the RTN part BHI-OXF to BHM (Birmingham New Street)-OXF? Thanks!
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    London Terminals->Edinburgh via Oxford

    Hi there, Is the East Coast's half price super off-peak single from London to Edinburgh valid via Oxford? I cannot find any train of that route on east coast's website, but I can find many on NRE or thetrainline. Another question: Can I use that ticket from London to Oxford, and catch...
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    Edinburgh->London CIV?->Calais

    Hello, I am thinking of taking a train from Edinburgh to London either by Caledonian Sleeper or EastCoast, and joining with my girlfriend who is in London, to have a day trip to Calais using the day return ticket via "Stena PO" My questions: 1. Is it possible to buy the day return ticket from...
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    extending Off-Peak return ticket

    I have an off peak return ticket with "Valid until" on 10th Jan, is it possible to extend it for one or two days? Thanks!