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    Paper Travelcards - Amex discount - Have I understood correctly?

    It's my understanding that provided you start your first journey after 0930 with your Oyster Card you will be capped at the off peak rate even if you travel in the afternoon peak i.e with your Railcard Zones 1-4 £7.00 Zones 1 - 6 £8.90 If however you are making a number of journeys, track...
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    Paper Travelcards - Amex discount - Have I understood correctly?

    If you have a railcard a zones 1-6 off-peak travelcard is £9.10
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    Watford - Southend

    Too late for your trip but Contactless fare from Watford Met to Upminster £5.80 or £4.20 off peak if you can stand a longer journey time
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    Met Line fasts stopping at Wembley Park

    I remember in the 1970's travelling from Amersham on trains not stopping between Moor Park and Finchley Road being announced as Fast City Expresses by Amersham station staff. Oh for fast off peak trains today particularly at the moment with Chilterns reduced to one per hour.
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    Cross Country trialling Medical Freight

    Red Star reborn?
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    Avanti Compulsory seat Reservations

    Plenty of space on outward journey
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    Avanti Compulsory seat Reservations

    My partner is planning to travel on Thursday morning from Euston to Penrith for work purposes and then return sometime Friday afternoon to Watford Junction. Outward not a problem to book 0910 (First train an off peak return is valid) However it's difficult to say what time she will get to...
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    Rickmansworth to Sevenoaks

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    Rickmansworth to Sevenoaks

    Planning to travel on Sunday have Oystercard loaded with a Senior Railcard discount any advice where to touch out zone 6 nearest to Sevenoaks with the least wait for another train rather than purchase a London terminals to Sevenoaks off peak day return would be appreciated.
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    Settlement offer from Greater Anglia

    I'm no expert but maybe send two cheques one for £26.60 and one for £60 with an apology and suggesting that under the circumstances for the genuine mistake you feel it might have been more appropriate to charge a £20 penalty fare plus the additional cost of the ticket. Whatever you do do not let...
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    Really strange PIS pronunciations

    Some while ago TM announcement this train will be calling at Peterborough, Doncaster and Yuk (York)
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    TOC claims ticket is tampered with

    Could I suggest that the OP removes his personal details from the ticket. The tickets are shown as being issued 28th January and then used the following four consecutive days which would seem to confirm his story.
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    Avanti West Coast Advance Refunds?

    My tickets were for travel on 14th & 16th March I was following the advice of OP td97 Post No15 who had managed to get a refund for a journey on 13th March
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    Avanti West Coast Advance Refunds?

    Update reply from MD's office Unable to refund as date of travel has already passed. This despite my original emailed refund request having been acknowledged when only one of the four journeys had taken place, however this was at a time before the policy change not to charge an admin fee for...
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    Avanti West Coast Advance Refunds?

    I too emailed the Phil Whittington but received no reply, lucky xydancer who got a response, the saga continues not hearing from the MD I replied to Customer services pointing out that their response did not make sense the reply was to point me to there help page which states if you don’t have...
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    Avanti West Coast Advance Refunds?

    Following advice here, I submitted a online claim to Avanti for advance tickets purchased before 23 March submitting copies of the e-tickets and received the following reply Dear XXXX, Thanks for getting in touch and apologies for the delay in our response. Because of the current situation, we...
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    Avanti West Coast Advance Refunds?

    Many thanks to td97 just submitted a refund request for Advances purchased for travel on 14th March purchased in December 2019 having previously had them rejected. Also submitted a refund for Advances purchased in October 2019 from Virgin West Coast for travel on 16th March which will probably...
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    Govia Prosecutions Department penalty.

    Mike's the expert, but can you confirm did she have a PAYG balance on the card in addition to her travelcard? Did she always touch in & out at Earlsfield & Feltham. The weekly contactless rate for travel between zones 3 & 6 is the same as a 7 day Oyster travelcard at £35.90 Could contactless be...
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    TOC plans regarding advance tickets if destinations become no-go (Coronavirus)?

    Booked some advance tickets for travel on Monday last October via Virgin trains, Avanti's system won't allow rebooking or refund as booked with Virgin. I agree e-vouchers would be a way forward.
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    Train Investigations Limited (TIL) - court threats

    Scott, I'm no railway expert just have an interest, if the facts are true as stated, I would be incensed at the response from TIL for not looking at the evidence you have provided. Neither do I have any legal training or experience but I would think you have a good chance of being acquitted. I...