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    Data protection act 1998: sensitive personal data or exempt data

    Ladies and gentlemen, Considering the general case only, would we suggest that 'data' held by the prosecution department of a TOC for possible consideration of settlement offer/prosecution et al is likely to constitute: -sensitive personal data or -exempt data under section 29 of the...
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    Length of incline to flyover

    Hello, Can anyone suggest what could be the minimum length of the ascending part of a flyover that takes one railway line over another? Assume that: whole area is flat, both lines electrified, and that at the bottom of the theoretical flyover trains will be doing 90mph. Also assume that...
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    Virgin WC anytime tickets for free weekend first

    Does this still exist, please? Couple of old threads on here such as An extract from IKB if anyone has access would be most useful.
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    is this included in part of the 'full range'?

    Up here in sunny Yorkshire, we have a bit of a strange situation happening. There are various tickets that are valid for rail travel, which aren't currently available at rail ticket offices. I'm talking about smart travelmaster and m-card products. As distinct from oyster weekly/longer...
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    The damage done by overzealous revenue protection activities

    Have any studies been done on the effects of the over zealous revenue strategies enacted recently by FCC, Northern, etc? I would perceive that FCC got away with a lot due to its genuine monopoly, whereas in northern land there are trams, buses and car parks as an alternative. This thread...
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    advice: time to leave for train to plane

    Hello, We have various threads on here about taking the train to the airport, example Is there any advice, either officially from a TOC, or informal advice from experts on here, about how much time to leave between train arrival and close of check in?
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    tram recommendations

    Passing through Brussels earlier this month, I was amazed to see a reasonable number of older trams in service (I guess 1980s maybe 70s?). Are there any other European cities with a reasonable contingent of older trams? Indeed, anywhere that won't have older trams for much longer?
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    old tube stock

    I can't find an easy answer to this online, but maybe someone can. Is there a list available of surviving underground stock of types that no longer run in normal service? Thanks
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    what should a new generation guards EPOS system do?

    With reference to the end of avantix, example this thread I was wondering what people think new machines ought to be able to do? I will start this by noting both the rise in smartcard tickets, but also the reality that paper ticket (whether orange card, A4 paper, mobile tickets) will be...
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    any appetite for a test case

    When speaking to other forum members, I believe it is fair to say that the majority view is that punitive 'settlements' offered by TOC's are unfair. I'm thinking particularly of Northern's £80 and whatever GN are doing (assuming this is still the FCC ethos). Is there any appetite for a test...
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    ticket validities back in the olden days

    Hello, This is supposed to be a question about historic ticketing, though depending in what direction the thread goes it may become more appropriate for one of the other forum sections. Anyway, in my own experiences, ticket checking staff were a lot less strict 15 years plus ago than they...
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    1S30 and 1M99

    Noticed something interesting in realtime trains and other systems: 05:00 from Man Pic to Glasgow Central and Manchester Airport, dividing at Preston. Is this train actually billed as going to the airport (at Piccadilly I mean)? I realise that ticket acceptance (based on the through...
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    Leeds to Chesterfield anytime day return

    Hello, Tomorrow I plan to purchase a Leeds to Chesterfield day return for £19.90. I plan to go south on the 07:05 Leeds to Plymouth cross country. My trip is part business and part personal, and my return time depends how well I get on with a lady. If I miss the 22:45 Chesterfield to...
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    age for solo child travel

    Prompted in part by this thread I was wondering what age people generally think is appropriate for a child to travel solo by train. Particularly interested in views from other parents
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    this sub forum

    Hello, (if railuk had a 'help' section I would post in there, but there isnt) Does anyone know why this subforum doesn't work on the 'lightweight' forum style? It is very annoying. Presumably a setting somewhere?
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    tesco clubcard vs nectar

    Hello, Noting that clubcard points can be redeemed at Red Spotted Hanky and nectar points at VTEC, is there a quick answer as to which is best? Assume both supermarkets are near my home.
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    WYPTE Scratch off DayRovers

    To those who buy these tickets: what: are the most advanced dates you have seen, and where? Thanks
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    Brussels Eurostar

    Hello, Am I correct in believing that a eurostar ticket to Brussels Midi can be used to travel within the bruxelles metropolitan area? Thanks
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    Doncaster Zone Travelmaster combined with rail season

    Hello, A friend is looking at combining a rail season from Leeds to South Elmsall with a Travel South Yorkshire Doncaster Zone travelmaster Can anyone see anything that would prevent it's use on a fast Virgin EC train? --- old post above --- --- new post below --- Ah. Ignore this folks...
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    electrification and planning permission

    Am I right in believing that OLE masts and wires can be installed as 'permitted development' thereby not (generally) requiring planning permission? Conservation areas, green belt and listed structures are different