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  1. Ash Bridge

    Earls Court Exhibition Centre

    Could any of you knowledgeable people here confirm the current situation at this former well known London venue; I realise that it hosted its very last event around the end of 2014 and the demolition contractors moved in quite rapidly after that, but did they retain any of the two main entrance...
  2. Ash Bridge

    Standard Railway Wagon Company (Reddish)

    Another small piece of railway history currently vanishing into the dust. Although now long closed the former wagon works buildings alongside Reddish South Station have be used for other purposes since the last wagons departed around the late 1980s, however it appears time is finally up with...
  3. Ash Bridge

    Captrain Class 66

    I have just witnessed a locomotive in this livery being hauled by an unidenfied ROG Class 37 between Reddish South Station and Ash Bridge Junction, the combination was moving quite rapidly hence the lack of ID. Realtime Trains appears to show this as 062M 1300 Hedon Road Sidings to Longport...
  4. Ash Bridge

    Stockport to Exeter St Davids 1st Class Travel (Fridays)

    Good Afternoon All, This is a Journey I have many years experience of but previously we've always travelled on Saturdays. This year we are heading off for our annual holiday to North Cornwall on a Friday in July. Favoured train has usually been the 08:16 direct XC service off Stockport but not...
  5. Ash Bridge

    17:30 Glasgow Central-London Euston

    Good Evening Folks, I'm looking to travel 1st class on this service from Carlisle (18:45) to Crewe on Tuesday or Wednesday of the last week of April. I'm aware from the timetable information that a hot evening meal is available on this service but can anyone confirm if we are likely to be...
  6. Ash Bridge

    1606 Paddington - Liskeard

    Good Afternoon Chaps, Could any of you knowledgeable people advise if this HST is potentially a very busy service on a Friday, the actual date in question is 8th September, if so then any advice of which could be the quieter departures would be most appreciated, Thanks.
  7. Ash Bridge

    Then & Now

    With the weather now getting rather more summery my wife and I decided to take a stroll into Reddish Vale and what I had in mind was to find the location of a shot taken of the Harwich Boat Train way back during the spring of 1973 and attempt to replicate that picture today as a comparison. I...
  8. Ash Bridge

    Question about doubled up units on Mid Cheshire Line (Sats.)

    I intend to travel from Stockport to Plumley on Saturday 1st April with a family group returning the following day, I have noticed in the past on Saturdays/Sundays that some services are doubled up pairs of 142s/150s, can anyone confirm which services (if any) are worked as such in the time...
  9. Ash Bridge

    40145 (D345) Working Mainline Positioning Move Today. (30/09/2016)

    Managed to capture 40145 passing Reddish South this afternoon working a Carnforth to Bury (via Buxton) positioning railtour, apologies for the composure but was nearly caught out as the train at this point was running six early and the light was beginning to deteriorate, 57313 was on the rear.
  10. Ash Bridge

    Bus Cab Analogue Clock

    Good Evening Chaps, I was wondering if any of you knowledgeable bus experts could provide any detail on the clock in the image below, it was given to me many years ago by a now deceased uncle who spent his most of his working life working at the bus depots/garages of Stockport Corporation...
  11. Ash Bridge

    Colas Rail Class 37s

    Just seen a shot of one of the above workings, formed of a single class 37/6 with a rake of 6 former FGW Motorail vans, described as a driver training run, can anyone enlighten me anymore? Thanks.
  12. Ash Bridge

    Doubled Up Pacers On Hope Valley Services (Sunday 16/0/15)

    Evening All, Travelled today on the 11:47 NR service from Reddish North to New Mills Central, 14:06 back to Marple, then 17:10 from there back to RDN, all were 2x142, is this now the norm on Sunday's or is there some special event taking place?
  13. Ash Bridge

    Trivia: Overhead Live Wire signs (warning flashes)

    Having got off the train at Heaton Chapel yesterday I noticed this (see pic) on one of the overhead support structures, this being the original style of BR overhead live wires warning flash applied to lineside buildings/structures and on locomotives/coaches/units dating back ( I think) to the...
  14. Ash Bridge

    TPE Manchester -Scotland 1st.Class service

    Apologies if this has been asked previously but searched and can't find anything. Has anyone travelled 1st. Class on these services since the 350s took over, apart from tea/coffee is perhaps a sandwich or snackbox offered or just biscuits etc. finally is the 12:00 Manchester...
  15. Ash Bridge

    Class 205 Hampshire DEMU No.1118

    Thought this may be of interest to all Southern Region afficionados. Was able to pay a visit to Okehampton on 6/06/15 hoping to travel on this unit having never been on one since their days on Ashford-Hastings services. When I arrived the unit was standing in platform 2 at the station looking...
  16. Ash Bridge

    XC catering at weekends

    Will be traveling by XC Trains on holiday in a couple of weeks or so, would anyone know if hot items are available for purchase from the trolley on Saturday services? Looking at the website it doesn't make it clear if it's just weekday services or including weekends. Outward train is the 08:07...
  17. Ash Bridge

    FO Stockport-Stalybridge today.

    Just seen what I imagine to be this service approaching Reddish South, formed of 3x142 & 1x150, should work out at around one passenger per unit?
  18. Ash Bridge

    Plumley to Stockport on a Sunday

    Planning to use the 11:39 service from here on Sunday 22/02/15 with five family members returning from overnight stay, can anyone advise if this service is likely to be very busy being that the trains are just 2hr. frequency on Sunday's, also is it likely to be a 142? Thanks.
  19. Ash Bridge

    Class 390 Pendolino Question

    Is it possible for a Pendolino to be in service with 3 Panto cars? Today at 14:40ish I was sat in the car at The B&Q car park at Heaton Norris which is located alongside the mainline between Stockport and Manchester Picc. An 11 car unit passed bound for Manchester and I was certain there were...
  20. Ash Bridge

    Unusual sounding locomotive

    Good Morning All, Living where we do, that is beside the Heaton Norris-Guide Bridge line and approx. half a mile (on the Stockport side)from Reddish South station, was awoken from my slumbers this morning by a very strange sounding engine noise and what sounded like mk2...