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    Downsizing in germany

    Of course (driving trailers excepted) the loco hauled Dosto coaches can easily slot into the Twindexx units which only have motors in the cab cars at the end. When I went to Hamburg in 2016, several of the the (then) loco-hauled sets contained (new) grey coaches, alongside regular DB Dosto red...
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    That's the one - 'T board' is the semi-official term that is more commonly used.

    That's the one - 'T board' is the semi-official term that is more commonly used.
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    Sounds like the termination board from a Temporary Speed Restriction, which tells the driver...

    Sounds like the termination board from a Temporary Speed Restriction, which tells the driver that this is the end of the temporary restriction section and then can return to normal speed for that line
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    Hardest station to depart from?

    Yes! I'm glad it has not just me who has noticed this new brake test after departing on the down. Not done at a particularly high speed (25mph tops) and likely with the Guard still at the panel at that point. Interestingly this has only been very recently in my experience and didn't start with...
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    Trivia: Stations that sound nice but really aren't

    Mantes-la-Jolie sounds like a textbook French village.* It isn't. It's the single biggest collection of rough suburbs about 30 miles west of Paris. *Also applicable to Chanteloup-les-vignes on the same line.
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    GWR operating short 'HSTGTi' sets (see diagrams section for workings)

    Fair point well made... especially with multiple TS kicking around and only 2 of them in the set. The formation above was the formation on 31/12, as confirmed by my mark 1 eyeball haha.
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    GWR operating short 'HSTGTi' sets (see diagrams section for workings)

    For those of you who are interested in this, those are the 4 vehicles that were retained from LA72 which operated the last 2+8 service and flying Banana railtour. (Green outside, FGW inside) Those 4 coaches lived on as a 4 coach slam door set and even operated the last slam door GWR HST - 2C87...
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    Most hated non-UK station

    Fully agree with that, I preferred Gent out of the two of them. Felt a little less like walking around a museum as Bruges is almost 'too perfect' in places and doesn't feel as authentic as a result.
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    Most hated non-UK station

    A lot of those in my mind have been mentioned here: I'm not a huge fan of Gare du Nord but as a station it isn't too bad, just a little lively in terms of characters. Paris Montparnasse is dingy and a long walk from the metro. Paris Bercy is the station that people forgot about, but at...
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    ScotRail HST Introduction - Updates & Discussion

    This was done 10 years ago when XC initially refurbished the sets and had slam doors at the time. The fitting of power doors now is a separate thing, but naturally the 'lost' toilet would have likely been removed as per other TOCs. Note that the toilet on the TGS (G) has now been locked out...
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    Trivia: Most annoying sound made by a train

    Not quite as bad in the trailing section in my experience or middle of the train; always seems worse at the front of the train. Whether that is true or just my perception/bias I can't confirm!
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    XC acquire two exLNER HST power cars

    Correct - and via Trowbridge/Bath/Bristol as opposed to the plan of reversing at Westbury and running via Castle Cary.
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    NS starts refurbishment and exterior redesign of VIRM-2/3

    Interesting the amount of 'things' (0:22 - 0:45) (chargers, tip-up seats, backrests) in the vestibule/doorway areas, whereas the trend in the UK is to de-clutter these areas as much as possible (the most recent GWR 158 refurbishment, for example, saw the vestibule tip up seats removed) to get...
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    The decline of P&O Ferries

    A real shame - they were very much a great feature in the SeaFrance days and really lightened up the interior whereas I found the P&O offering felt quite cramped and oppressive inside. As for your comments on the Jumbosized Viking sisters - I thought even accountants could recognise ugliness...
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    The decline of P&O Ferries

    The two SeaFrance twins were excellent when I used them 12-13 years ago - seemed much nicer than the P&O offering at the time. I've not sailed on either of the Spirits.
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    Remaining single lines with traditional token working.

    Yes, as has been posted above, the issue is that in normal working, one machine at Maiden Newton 'receives' all the tokens on the platform where trains from Yeovil arrive, whereas the machine for trains towards Yeovil only tends to 'issue' tokens. Hence token transfers in the magazine from the...
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    Aviation Discussion

    Not seen this posted elsewhere, but last flight from Berlin Tegel (TXL) this afternoon - an Air France departure to Paris.
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    Bleakest / loneliest mainline station

    Tiverton Parkway. The drone of the motorway in the background a subtle reminder that plenty of other people are heading towards where they want to go whilst you stand on the Down/Westbound platform without so much as a bus shelter. Thankfully it's been a good couple of years since I last had...
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    The future of "in branch" banking.

    The problem I have with banks deliberately making branches so awful to use is that they have certain actions which require them. You want me to do everything online and not use a branch? I'm cool with that. But in that case, let me be able to do it online. If you are going to drive me that way...
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    Scotrail train travelling with doors open on Borders Railway 27/9/20

    Always used to on slam door mark 3s, don't think I've ever seen it on units. (But then with traction interlock on units, in theory door open and moving can't happen.)