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  1. the sniper

    Penkridge fatality/disruption (22-23/1/15)

    I thought about posting this in the fatalities discussion thread last night, but I noticed this morning that thread's now been locked anyway. Nevertheless, there was a fatality at Penkridge around 2030hrs last night, a nasty one apparently, involving two LM 350s. I only mention this now as...
  2. the sniper

    FIP trip to Switzerland

    Hello folks. This month I'm taking a short trip to Switzerland using FIP coupons, I'm going out via France and coming back via Germany. I've just got a few things I want to ask/confirm as I haven't done much FIP travelling. 1. This seems like a stupid question, but travelling out on the TGV...
  3. the sniper

    Birmingham - Edinburgh (Splitting)

    I've got two relatives travelling from Birmingham to Edinburgh next Friday, returning on Saturday. There don't seem to be any overly cheap Advance fares available for each leg, so I think they'll be looking at getting VT Only Off Peak returns with a Two Together Railcard. That'd be £77.50 each...
  4. the sniper

    A bit of clarification on PRIV rates please.

    I can't get PRIV rate tickets, but I was just curious about something. If someone has got a 'TOC Privilege Card', can they buy PRIV rate First Class Anytime tickets? Having read the ATOC site, it says they can get the reduced rate fares on Anytime tickets and doesn't specify Class, but I...
  5. the sniper

    A 'National Rail Network Challenge'?

    I'm sure most people will know of the 'Tube Challenge', but I was wondering how long it'd take to do an equivalent challenge on the national network? Has anyone ever bothered to roughly work out how quickly it could be done? Please don't say I'm going to have to waste a couple of weeks working...
  6. the sniper

    Exciting new release from the North Korean transport film unit!

    Not to be out done by Network Rail's PR department, the North Korean's are showing off their loco maintenance regime on their official (yes, really) You Tube propaganda channel: It's kind of like BREL, but everyone gets a cool hat. :p
  7. the sniper

    ORR Annual rail passenger usage figures 08/09 on Wikipedia.

    Having just had a look at the spreadsheet of the ORR's usage figures for the 08/09 period, I went to have a look at wikipedia to see if the figures had been added to station's pages on there from along the Welsh North Coast. I found that every figure on there was (more or less) just off what the...
  8. the sniper

    Virgin Trains 'Selection Event'.

    Hi chaps, I've been invited to attend an assessment day with Virgin Train on Tuesday, it's for a platform assistant/dispatcher job at Birmingham International. During the day there will be a "group exercise", does anybody know what this will entail? Also, has anybody here experienced a Virgin...
  9. the sniper

    Snow - December '09

    I don't know if this is the 'done thing', but I thought it might be a good idea to have a general thread for people to post pictures (and galleries) of the network in this weekends snow. I'd hoped to go down to the South East tomorrow and see it for myself, but sadly it doesn't look like...
  10. the sniper

    Developments at Birmingham Moor Street?

    Just been looking at Jonathan Webb's Fotopic site, UpMain. There are two photo's on there of Birmingham Moor Street, I don't know how recent they are (though I assume must have been taken fairly recently) but does anyone know what work is going in them? I didn't think the platforms were being...