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    EMR 153 Services

    Hi all, Apologies if there's already a thread on the matter, but can anyone tell me which routes EMR use their remaining 153s on? If anyone has diagrams or a list of services those would of course be appreciated! Thanks in advance.
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    Liberec Trams

    Hello all, I'm visiting the Czech Republic in June, and among many other ideas I'm looking at visiting Liberec - in particular the intercity tram 11 from Liberec out to Jablonec interests me, the country's only metre-gauge tram line. I've seen (according to a few YouTube videos and the...
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    SNCF Intercités - Reservation Compulsory?

    Hi all, quick question... Are reservations compulsory on SNCF Intercités? If the answer is yes, do tickets have to be booked in advance or can I just turn up on the day and buy one? I'm staying in Paris next week and I'm thinking about doing a day trip to somewhere like Amiens or Rouen, but...
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    Segregated Toilets on Trains

    Last time I used Thalys, I noticed that with each pair of toilets, one is marked male and the other female, and apparently the new EC250 units for SBB will be the same. Whilst the reason for having separate genders in normal public toilets is pretty obvious, I'm curious as to what exactly the...
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    Favourite European Metro Stock?

    Thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and start this :lol: Mods, feel free to move this if it should be in the Other Transport section instead. Anyway, as the title suggests, post your favourite types of European metro stock (not trams, light rail or suburban rail). Mine are as follows: The...
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    Czech Republic

    Hi all, Planning a trip to the Czech Republic later in the year. Just a few things I'd like to know... It looks to me that there's still a fair amount of older rolling stock running in the country, but is there a particular area which you'd recommend where it's more common? Found a couple of...
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    Paris Ticketing Question

    Hello all, Quick question - are RATP Mobilis tickets valid on TER services within zones (to Rambouillet for instance)? I'm going to presume the answer is no but thought I'd check.
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    SBB Re420 LION

    Hello all, I understand that the refurbished Re420 'LION' locos are used with double-decker coaches on the Zürich S-Bahn during rush hours, but does anyone know which exact services they are? I've tried searching for diagrams but not had any luck. Trying to plan a trip to Switzerland and...
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    Paris Métro Unit Number Query

    Quick question for those in the know - does anyone know why some units (particularly some MF67s but I've also seen some MF77s with it) have a 'G' in the number, like this?
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    317666's BeNeLux InterRail - March 2014

    After reading some of the trip reports on here and having nothing to do this evening, I've decided to start writing up the three European trips I've done this year, starting with the first - my BeNeLux InterRail back in March! The plan was to spend just over a week in Belgium (with a day trip...
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    BeNeLux March 2014

    I've got round to uploading all of my photos from a BeNeLux InterRail, which I did in the second half of March. Currently in the process of organising into proper sets, but if anyone wants to take a look in the meantime, the link is: Mix of...
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    Another BeNeLux ticketing question!

    Hi all, another question from me. I am catching the overnight ferry from Harwich to the Hook of Holland, then plan to catch the train to Rotterdam Centraal, followed by the conventional InterCity down to Brussels. (Yes, I know it would just be easier to get the Eurostar from London but I...
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    Dutch Ticket Barriers with InterRail

    I understand that many stations in the Netherlands have been fitted with ticket barriers, in preparation for paper tickets to be completely phased out following the introduction of the OV-chipkaart. Are these barriers still just left open, or have paper tickets now gone and the barriers now in...
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    Brussels Query

    Just a quick question - when travelling on SNCB, how far away from Brussels Zuid/Centraal/Noord can you travel on a Jump/Discover Brussels ticket? The interactive map I've found on the STIB website seems to suggest that Vorst-Zuid is the limit heading south, it also shows Ruisbroek although...
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    SWT planning an EMU order Looks like something else to add to their fleet as well as the 458/5s and 456s then!
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    315s and 317s

    Another update from me, mainly of Class 315s but also a few 317s - and a 455 seems to have crept in too! Starting here: With my favourite shot from the day probably being this one...
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    Cheshunt - An Observation

    Hello all, Yesterday, I noticed a new map at Harrow-on-the-Hill which shows Oyster being valid out to Broxbourne, which it now is. However, I also noticed that Cheshunt was shown as being in Zone 8, as well as Waltham Cross and Theobalds Grove being in Zone 7. What I'm wondering is whether a...
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    Class 66/59 through Bishops Stortford last night?

    At around 21:30 last night at Bishops Stortford, I saw a DB Red Class 59/66 pass through at a fair speed with some ballast hoppers, heading south. Does anyone know what the loco number was, or the working? Thanks in advance :)
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    Cornwall 'n' Cardiff (and London)

    Two days' worth of photos taken in London, and various places on the FGW network, are now on my Flickr gallery. Probably my favourite from London is: And my favourite from the FGW network (yes I know it's an ATW...
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    Crown Point DMUs - February 2013

    This photo and ones newer than it were taken today. I did an Anglia Rover to travel on, and photograph, some Class 156s in their old liveries before they are refurbished. A few other units thrown in too! Of particular...