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    NYMR takeover proposal?

    No, it wasn't an April Fool's gag - it is, apparently, a serious proposal! Indeed, it has been rumbling on for some time now with ever decreasing credibility. I've not seen it mentioned on here anyway, so thought I'd share it for further discussion and/or amusement. For those with Facebook...
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    Absolute Block

    Just an idle thought for a Monday evening. What (and where) is the greatest number of successive signal boxes still working AB to each other? Daisyfield to Howe & Co's (via the S&C) is, without checking, twelve - is there an example of a greater number, or a close contender?
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    AB signal boxes switching out

    Just out of interest really - how many boxes switch out on a regular basis - say, weekly or more often? There are various documents out there showing box opening hours, but they don't seem to be up to date in all cases. For starters, Melton Station (of the Mowbray variety) switches out from...
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    Network Rail staff overpaid?

    I was delighted to read, in the last issue of 'Rail' magazine, that a report has been published (by 'Incomes Data Services', commissioned by the ORR?) claiming that many Network Rail staff are overpaid compared to those in comparable roles in other industries. The figures were, from memory, 32%...
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    5Z15 19:40 Etches Park - Etches Park

    Anyone got any idea what this is, this evening? Five 15x units (nine vehicles in total) allocated to it, for a circular tour of the East Midlands.
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    Norton-on-Tees SPAD

    The RAIB have released their report (here) into a SPAD at Norton-on-Tees earlier this year - I thought one or two members here might be interested in (and possibly surprised by) the findings!
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    Flashing yellows

    Just a quick question follwing a discussion yesterday. Does anyone know whether these are permitted on an Absolute Block line (single flashing yellow in the distant, more specifically), and whether there are any examples on the network? The things that come up in conversation on a quiet Sunday :) .
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    HST via Coalville

    I've just come across this schedule for a 1Z43 today only - 09:42 London St. Pancras - Nottingham via Coalville and Castle Donington. I'd heard rumblings of an HST booked to run over this route, so it's no great surprise - but does anyone have any idea of the purpose of the move? Apologies if...
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    Signalling Quiz 11

    I did promise to put something together a little while ago, so here goes. It's handy proof-reading of the wording of a couple of questions if nothing else :) . All questions refer to an Absolute Block in this case. 1. The Signalman at B has accepted a train under AB Reg 3.4 from box A. A...
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    This one's shamelessly stolen from our volunteers' forum, so GCR chaps ought to be excluded! It came up quite a while ago, but I came across it again the other day. I'm looking for five locations on the (current) national network where increasing mileages from London St. Pancras via different...
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    Semaphore signals!

    I'm having a bit of a play with the 'BRSema4Sigs' pack, partly because I'm bored, and partly because I want to see how much they can do! I'm very impressed indeed so far - good to see something like this for BVE! I've just got one question though, that I'm hoping someone might be able to answer...
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    The other way of working KX...

    Well, what did you think of it? Is it a case of scrap it straight away? If can it be improved?
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    Reading 2005!

    Though this 'meet' was organised on another forum and was attended largely by members of that forum, it involved a few peoples from here, so (being bored!) I thought I'd give the rest of you a quick rundown of the day! My day started nice and early at Scunthorpe station, for 158760 on 1B69...