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    Class 317 withdrawals

    According to a Facebook post I've seen, the units were 340/883/338.
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    GatEx 387’s on loan to Great Northern

    203 is out today on 1T42 15:42 KGX - KLN. 201 was out on Kings Lynn trains yesterday and Wednesday.
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    Class 317 withdrawals

    Stored at Ely.
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    GatEx 387’s on loan to Great Northern

    I don't think I've ever heard that said about 387s!
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    Class 317 withdrawals

    If you mean Ely Papworth, there's some ex-LO 317/8s around the front, visible from passing trains. And I believe 317345, 509 and 722 are still in there somewhere?
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    Trivia - Stations visible from within other stations

    Hainault and Fairlop (and possibly Barkingside from Fairlop too? Been a while since I was out that way!).
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    Class 317 withdrawals

    Still extant but it hasn't turned a wheel in service since LO withdrew it around a year ago.
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    Most effort/work spent on a railway project that ultimately never happened?

    Whilst it's not a project which never happened at all, you've reminded me of the Newmarket & Chesterford Railway. It opened in 1848, and the section between Chesterford and Six Mile Bottom closed permanently in 1851, one of the first line closures in British history. To top it all off, one of...
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    Class 365 withdrawal confirmed [Great Northern]

    Ran as 57312 + 365530.
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    Most used livery

    You can add Anglia Railways, and I'm also fairly sure a 153 made it into the EMT era still in Regional Railways livery!
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    What train encapulates your childhood?

    I'd say 317s and 365s in equal measure! My earliest train memory is travelling on a newly refurbished 317/6 from Cambridge to Kings Cross.
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    Class 317 withdrawals

    It's interesting that 663/669 will be among the last to go, seeing as they were withdrawn considerably earlier than the rest of the subclass.
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    Who can spot something wrong in this Polish sleeper video?

    Footage of Praha hl.n. being used for Frankfurt(Oder)!
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    Trivia: Overlapping station names

    Harlow Mill - Harlow Town.
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    What direct 'covid-19 experiences' have you had/not had

    To the best of my knowledge, none.
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    Trivia: Stations/Lines that receive a better service during times of disruption

    I remember some years ago, Enfield Town received extra trains to Liverpool Street calling only at Seven Sisters. This was during engineering work on the West Anglia, I believe there were replacement buses from Enfield Town to stations further north.
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    Favourite Electrostar

    357 for me, I prefer the Chapman seats they have to the seats fitted to the other classes (with the exception of 379 first class!).
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    Trivia: Stations with the same name in other countries

    Longfield = Langenfeld (Rheinland). A small station on lines S6 and S68 of the Rhein-Ruhr S-Bahn.
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    Best and worst refurbished train since privatisation

    EMT 158s. Comfortable seating for longer journeys, very good legroom, and although some lament the change to a predominantly airline layout, it did give the units a much-needed capacity boost. Even though the refurbishment is a good ten or so years old now, the units' interiors still look very...
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    Class 317 withdrawals

    Definitely withdrawn, all the /6s are sadly. Not sure if it's gone for scrap yet.