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  1. CC 72100

    Routing London - Derby via Grantham

    Sorry, my routing guide knowledge is near zero... Is a London Terminals - Derby Any Permitted super off peak return valid via Grantham? I'm likely to have an outward journey from St Pancras via Nottingham, and return via Grantham into London Kings Cross. Thanks in advance!
  2. CC 72100

    First class upgrade on Spirit of Scotland travelpass

    Morning all, After a little bit of advice / a second opinion as my current reading of the Scotrail website is contradictory... I will shortly be travelling around Scotland using a Spirit of Scotland Travelpass (on a priv, in case that has any relevance to my query, but I don't think it does)...
  3. CC 72100

    Belgian recommendations (Brugge/Ghent/Brussels)

    Evening all, I'll be staying in Brugge shortly and spending some time in that part of Belgium, visiting Brussels and Ghent. What sort of stock can I expect on that line? Having had a brief look at wikipedia, looks like electric locos + push pull sets. Nothing too exciting but they look...
  4. CC 72100

    The replacement of condition 19(c)

    Hi folks, What is the replacement in the new Conditions of carriage that replaced the old condition 19(c). Specifically I'm doing a journey using a multi-day rover that covers station A to B and then a point to point ticket that covers B to C. The train does not stop at station B. I'm...
  5. CC 72100

    'Historical' Real Time Trains (etc.)

    Hello, Now that I own the full Western Mainlines route (Penzance - Pad) I'm looking at creating some scenarios based on the 'good old days' ;) (100% long distance HST operation). Is there anyway of accessing real time trains for say a Saturday in August 2016 etc.? Basically it is stuff that I...
  6. CC 72100

    FIP reservations in France

    Good afternoon, Another FIP query! FIP coupons are valid on all SNCF services in France, however certain trains are reservation compulsory. How does one purchase a reservation only for such a service? When looking at inoui sncf booking site (formerly voyages-sncf) on the section for people...
  7. CC 72100

    East Midlands 3 in 7 rover - prices, PRIV validity and split ticketing

    With the decline of HSTs on the GWML, time for the MML to get some attention. I have a few queries: 1) Could I use a London Terminals - Bedford Off peak day return (CDR/B3) in combination with the East Midlands 3 in 7 rover, even if the train did not stop at Bedford...
  8. CC 72100

    Trip on Hull Trains HST on Sunday

    Is there a regular Sunday diagram for the Hull HST? Would be looking to do a KGX - HUL - KGX move. No special desire to visit Hull (sorry!) but 010 and 190 are both required for the year... ;)
  9. CC 72100

    Cologne rail-related items of interest

    Happy Christmas to all! My next trip is to Cologne/Frankfurt, with a little more time in the former. Does anyone know of any loco-hauled or other items of interest in the Cologne area? (I understand some RE (but not all) services are hauled). I'll be on FIP coupons so anything that is DB is...
  10. CC 72100

    Budapest loco-hauled

    Evening, Looking at going away to Central Europe again, which will involve ~3 days in Budapest. The visit will not be mainly rail-related (!) but am morning or so spent on the rails sampling some of Hungary's finest seems a good idea. ;) From reading online, there seems to be a good deal of...
  11. CC 72100

    Devon Day Ranger - operator validity

    Afternoon, NRE is now claiming that the above ticket is valid on Great Western Railway (GWR) only as they are the only company listed as participating in the offer: Participating train companies Great Western Railway; However, SWR services are listed amongst other service pre-validity time...
  12. CC 72100

    Berlin loco-hauled

    I'm off to Germany again in a couple of months time and will be visiting Berlin this time. I'm unlikely to spend a whole day bashing and so will be staying closer to Berlin city itself, unlike in previous German visits (Hamburg 2016, Munich 2017) but would be interested in knowing if there is...
  13. CC 72100

    Poland local trains - Taryfa Małopolska

    Hello all, I'm off to Poland soon, staying in Krakow and looking to visit Auschwitz-Birkenau. Going by myself, I won't be joining a group tour and going by coach (unless rail is a real pain and someone here advises me it is!) doesn't appeal, so thinking of taking the train from Krakow Glowny...
  14. CC 72100

    [TrainSim] Installing JustTrains add-ons

    Hello all, (I used to know how to do this, but have completely forgotten!) Having got a new PC and so have downloaded TrainSim again, I'm in the process of downloading the add-ons that I purchased from JustTrains (not on the Steam store). For example, I've downloaded Western Mainlines from my...
  15. CC 72100

    Booking a ticket for TOD when I know that the payment card won't work to collect

    Morning all, Bit of a quandary.... Last night I snapped my bank card. It's ok, I've ordered another one, but it will go to my registered home address which is 100 miles away (having moved around a fair bit these last 5-6 years I've kept my registered address for that sort of thing the...
  16. CC 72100

    Bahnland Bayern - a day exploring Bavaria

    My German travels brought me this time to Munich. This is a trip report (mainly) of the Lander ticket that I did on Saturday 18/03, but also of a couple of other trips. Friday 17/03 Today wasn’t planned for train trips. However, when getting in Dachau following my visit to the Concentration...
  17. CC 72100

    Munich & Bavaria loco-hauled

    After the success that was Hamburg last year, I'm off to Germany again, and this time to Munich. Similar plan to last time - 1 day will hopefully be spent bashing. I'm aware that there should be a Lander ticket available for the region, just wondering whether anyone has used this specific one...
  18. CC 72100

    Hamburg loco-hauled - a day exploring Schleswig-Holstein

    Evening all, As some of you may remember from this thread ( I have recently been to Germany. Several forum members recommended a 'Lander' ticket, which is basically a day rover ticket for all non-Intercity services in a geographical area. This...
  19. CC 72100

    Hamburg loco-hauled

    Evening all, Potentially looking at going away to Hamburg for a few days. Wherever I go, I like to sample the local railway network :wink: and so this would be no exception. To that end, does anyone know of any particularly interesting loco-hauled out of Hamburg - nowehere too far or...
  20. CC 72100

    (Manchester) Metrolink season tickets

    Hi all, Having not used a Metrolink season ticket before, I'm wondering if some of our Manchester-based members would be able to help me with the following queries? - Is travel strictly between the points listed on the ticket? For example, if my season ticket was Weaste - Victoria, would...