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  1. Class377/5

    Network Rail will be stripped of its control over Britain’s train tracks This could be bad
  2. Class377/5

    Watford Landslide 350 expected to be scrapped (according to Watford newspaper)

    First of the 'first generation' Desiro is going to scrapped it seems with 350264 off on truck to Germany.
  3. Class377/5

    Class 707 - SWT: Introduction into service

    The bodyshell of the 707 had now been completed. Lovely and red.
  4. Class377/5

    319 usage on Brighton Main Line

    Below is a complete listing of 319 duties on the BML. Currently none are booked for London Bridge but can change. * means its a 4 car Bedford Weekdays 2W25 09.10 Bedford to Three Bridges 2W33 11.10 Bedford to Three Bridges 2W39 12.40 Bedford to Three Bridges 2W45 14.10 Bedford to Three...
  5. Class377/5

    Siemens' announces the Desiro Verve

    Siemens showed off their new 125 electric train today at Railtex. The design is a 23m version of the Desiro City with improvements designed to better suit the intercity traveler. Siemens Verve by Mackenzie Soley, on Flickr Siemens Verve by Mackenzie Soley, on Flickr Siemens Verve by...
  6. Class377/5

    Battery powered train now on test

    The battery powered 379 has now started testing Here's the PR statement Hopefully the testing will go well and provide a unit for...
  7. Class377/5

    Investigation into TSGN award announced

    The Competitions and Market Authority have announced they are running an investigation into the award of TSGN franchise. With the time frame, doesn't seem to change...
  8. Class377/5

    8 car 377 testing on WCML

    8 car testing of 377205/206 between Selhurst and Milton Keynes. 5Z75 0930 Selhurst - Milton Keynes 5Z76 1115 Milton Keynes - Selhurst 5Z77 1430 Selhurst - Milton Keynes 5Z78 1615 Milton Keynes - Selhurst These units are supposed to be staying with Southern past May so looks like its...
  9. Class377/5

    379s to Chingford

    GA have confirmed there are 379 runs to Chingford today. 13:42 Liverpool Street - Chingford 379025 15:12 Liverpool Street - Chingford 379025 16:42 Liverpool Street - Chingford 379025 18:18 Liverpool Street - Chingford 379030/025 14:25 Chingford - Liverpool Street 379025 15:55 Chingford...
  10. Class377/5

    Class 387

    The new edition of Modern Railways has some information on the new 387 Electrostar Southern has ordered for Thameslink. The 29x four car dual voltage 110mph capable units will start to arrive from October 2014 with them entering passenger service from May 2015 and will be similar to the 377/6...
  11. Class377/5

    Battery powered Electrostar So GA are going to lose a 379 for testing so they can have a battery powered unit. I wonder what branch the 379 will run on, unlikely to be Stanstead.....
  12. Class377/5

    Class 350 on testing for TPE

    Looks like TPE could be getting a 350 for testing today. Crewe C.S. (L&Nwr Site) 1533 1533 Crewe 1538 1540 Winsford pass 1546½ pass 1546 Hartford pass 1549 Acton Bridge pass...
  13. Class377/5

    Tramlink Sutton Extension Map

    Believe this is the first time a map of the proposed extension of Tramlink to Sutton has been published.
  14. Class377/5

    Siemens pull out of Crossrail trains bid This seems a rather sensible move from Siemens. With the delay from Thameslink means the two train contracts are now very much overlapping rather than the original follow on plan. I'm not...
  15. Class377/5

    NAO report on Thameslink

    NAO report into the current status of Thameslink is released at 00:01 tomorrow.
  16. Class377/5

    Construction progress: TPE 350/4

    TPE/Siemens have released a video fly through of the 350/4 lYxwP-DV6bg And the first finished 350/4 is rumored to be expected in December according to people on Skyscraper. Some images of the units under construction. 350410
  17. Class377/5

    Docklands Light Railway to Bromley and Euston?

    From The Wharf
  18. Class377/5

    ThamesLink Programme track layouts

    I've been doing some track layouts for the TLP stuff and thought you guys might be interested to see. London Bridge West London Bridge West by Sparkyscrum, on Flickr I've yet to do the east side but do have the fly over done. Bermondsey Fly Over by Sparkyscrum, on Flickr
  19. Class377/5

    Emirates Air Line

    From TfL;
  20. Class377/5

    Victoria Metrolink rebuild

    TfGM got back to me on a request... I asked...... I got this reply back.... Here's the image they included, I haven't seen this before.... Metrolink - Victoria rebuilding by Sparkyscrum, on Flickr