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    ( ?Trivia ) Largest Station with the worst food ( I Vote Bristol TM )

    Temple Meads, there's a splendid place just outside the back entrance called lush Yurt. It is actually a yurt. don't be put off by the hippy look, it's actually brill
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    Werrington grade separation updates

    Very useful diary of Werrington activity...many thanks
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    Any news on proposals to build an alternative route between Exeter & Plymouth?

    I thought that a house developer was obliged, as a planning condition, to contribute to railway works...a station and line rebuild. I've not read all the thread, can Someone point me in the direction of comment number, or has it been quietly kicked into the long grass?
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    Cross country 125 diags

    Apologies if these have been published, unfortunately the 125 group thread is only up to May, so looking for the Summer TT update...cheers
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    Bristol Temple junction!

    Something reported in the paper local accompanied by a snap of the great and the good, probably penned bu Phillipa Page or Phil Space...quiet Monday?
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    List of preservation railway's expansion plans in future

    What's the latest on Boness and Kinneil. There's an article in the Scotsman. but They won't accept my sign in. All too difficult these pay-walls
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    Where was Network SouthEast's headquarters?

    Bizarrely the NSE architects' office was in Hudson House in York...a small group that worked on Southend line stations and other works on the ECML to Peterborough etc. Alongside larger teams of Intercity and Regional railways architects and support. All ended at privatisation of course, sadly.
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    Tyne and Wear Metro extensions

    Thanks for you thoughts both
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    Tyne and Wear Metro extensions

    I have just moved into the area....what is the latest on new lines or re-openings to Washington for example?
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    Cafes and bars at stations where you can watch trains/trams

    Sorry about that, must be predictive text, though I think 'Badgers Bridge' is nicer...don't know the history of the place. Doesn't get a great review (or indeed up-to-date) on Beer in the evening site...but thanks for the correction
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    Trivia: stations where the only route between platforms is via a level crossing only

    Barrier crossing, because it's on T + W metro it is down a lot, but the line is also used by 6+ freights and GC traffic from Sunderland servicing at Heaton and Pelaw...interesting ops. Funnily I mention it in the pub thread
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    Cafes and bars at stations where you can watch trains/trams

    East Boldon, on the Tyne and Wear metro to Sunderland (from Pelaw where they 'service' GC stock, there's the 'Badgers Bridge' where you can see regular T + W metros, half a dozen freights and the GC empties...not a bad pub to watch the cricket on telly + 3 hand pulls (not cheap) + food
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    Cafes and bars at stations where you can watch trains/trams

    The Mitre, behind Knaresborough station...good choice of ales at decent prices + food. Admittedly it's only 155s + 153 changing platform for return to Leeds and an intriguing signal box built onto the end of terrace, to control crossing gates. but good spot to spend a sunny afternoon in't beer...
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    Lines that will be lost due to Climate Change

    I'd have thought Hull and surroundings would be a candidate. Despite the river Hull tidal barrier, there's high water table in much of the city and wasn't it reclaimed land originally?
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    Which is the best stretch of railway we have lost ?

    Perth to Balquidder via Crieff
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    Leeds station overall roof

    I worked on the St Pancras refurb. Glass is considered expensive, relatively, and then there is the cleaning issue, especially over the OLE. I notice Leeds doesn't get cleaned often, if at all...Dust from humans and brakes combined with atmospheric damp and diesel fumes...not a great...
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    Is Lowestoft the furthest East station in the UK?

    Of course, a power of work has reopened the most Southerly, Truthall Halt on the wonderful Helston branch aiming for the wonderfully named Water-me-Trout on the edge of Helston, which of course will take the acolade of furthest South.