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  1. Harold

    GWR - Oxford based Drivers route Knowledge

    Hi all, Hope you are all well, especially for those who have been on this forum for as long as I have even longer. Ive searched through google and this forum and cant seem to find answers to the question. Im a mainline Train driver for South West Trains and have been fully productive for 3...
  2. Harold

    WIP Anglia Railways 86260

    Using Tim Courts model of the Class 86, I'm re-skinning into the Anglia Railways livery as another ad-on for Great Eastern. wip: Unfortunateley, the mapping for re-skinning areas has proven to be quite difficult, and for this skin, I am unable to re-skin much of the headlight area. But...
  3. Harold

    Great Eastern Preview video

    Hi all, for those that are looking forward to the release of Great Eastern in 11 days (I know I am), you will like this preview video produced by Mike Beckett: Enjoy!
  4. Harold

    Stagecoach Mk2s

    Remember these?: Another re-skin of mine coming soon to MSTS! :) Not totally accurate, but I tried my best. Enjoy!
  5. Harold

    Arriva Northern Mk2's

    Hi all, i'm currently working on another re-skin for MSTS. I've decided to do an Arriva Northern Mk2 set (some requests to update the current version). I'm using Matt Denison's Mk2 model, all permissions granted from him, just gotta get alphas back and should be finished, heres the previews...
  6. Harold

    'The two Lymington Flyers'

    Hi all, yet again, another 2 re-skin to add to the UKTS collection. Before you ask, this was partly designated to those who do not have the LSE ad-on which is required to run the slammer farewell pack. Plus, I think this will go well with Jamie Bowey's Slammer re-skins that he has developed...
  7. Harold

    Another 2 re-skins

    Hi all, I've returned with another re-skin: Network Rail 31233. Note: Corus 60 033 cancelled as it was already released by Mark Thompson Preview shown here - Network Rail 31: Should be at UKTS within a couple of days. Enjoy! Next Project - The 2 Lymington Flyers - A re-skin of Ian...
  8. Harold

    New First Great Western 150/2

    Hi all, Re-skinning for MSTS has appeared to be a habbit. I am currently working on a new First Great Western liveried class 150/2. This was an inspiration as to what the livery on the 150's will actually be like. Anyway, coming soon to MSTS. Enjoy!
  9. Harold

    GBRF 87006 Ad-on

    Hi all, with the success of my 1st re-skin project of GBRF 87022, I decided to do another 87 re-skin which has yet to be done for MSTS (suprisingly). I'm currently working on GBRF 87006 which in it's current state, features the England Logo buffers. Heres a preview: I won't estimate...
  10. Harold

    GBRF 87022 ad-on

    Hi all, I will shortly be releasing my first ever re-skin ad-on for MSTS. I chose to Re-skin VT 87010 into the GB Rail Freight Class 87022. This should be avalible by tomorrow over at UKTS. While you're waiting, heres a preview shot: Enjoy!
  11. Harold

    Virgin and Intercity E-rail Mk2's released!

    Hi all, E-rail have released 2 Mk2 packages for MSTS. One package contains the Intercity livery Mk2 and the other contains the Ex-Virgin livery Mk2's. This was announced at: - A screenshot of Antons Serco Mk2's reskins can be also found...
  12. Harold

    Barrow Hill Diesel Gala 9th July 2006

    Hi all, I went to the Barrow Hill 2006 Diesel Gala and I have to say this proved to be a great day out. There were lots of activities to take part in as well as the great sight of seeing well restored locos on display. There was also a Deltic Driving Simulator which allowed you to be in full...
  13. Harold

    Day at Cockrow!

    Today was a really good day. After arriving at Chertsey and seeing Joy54 with a bus shuttle to Cobham Bus Rally, Stephen picks me up to go up to Cockcrow. We arrived at Cockcrow, Had a tour of the site. This was great, the layout at Cockcrow was great. After 5 mins of arriving, I became...
  14. Harold

    Preview videos for ECE part 2 avalible

    Hi all, EB are working on their next project as a continuation of ECE part 1 from London to Peterborough. Part 2 will be from Peterborough to York European Bahn's East Coast Express part 2 preview videos are avalible here...
  15. Harold

    Route coding problem!

    Hi all, I am during the process of coding Havant for my non-fictional probject for BVE 2 and 4. The problem I'm having is, I have created the object textures for my track and station platforms, I put them into the .b3d files, changed the old names that the .b3d files had to my new named...
  16. Harold

    First Preview of Intercity DBSO from MT

    Hi all, Making Tracks have released their very first preview of the DBSO which is one of the stock that will be featured in the forthcoming Great Eastern project for MSTS (LSE2). Note: In very early stages
  17. Harold

    Glasgow Central to Carlisle v1.1 released

    Hi all, Just to let you know, The Glasgow to Carlisle has been released on UKTS. This version features high speed and electrified running. This route is also fully scened (Especaily at Glasgow). You must download all 6 files for the route to work :P If you have a previous version of this...
  18. Harold

    The 220 Voyager now avalible in SWT white and Blue!

    Liam Chalk has released a 444 and 450 desiro swt liveryed class 220 voyager over at UKTS. Interesting......... have fun! 'CUTHERE' tag removed - COX
  19. Harold

    SWT 455 Refurb Model

    Hi all. Chris Hynds granted me permission to re-skin his 455 model which he used on his ramsbury route. I reskinned this into the South West Trains 455 refurbished livery I would like to thank, Damon Cox for all his support and would like to Thank Chris Hynds. This train will be in my route...
  20. Harold

    MT are back! Merseyrail 508 Refurb Released!

    For those who are still interested in MSTS (hardly anyone), Making Tracks have returned with their free stock friday release of the Merseyrail Class 508 refurb! avalible now at Happy Driving! :lol: :lol: