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  1. Harbon 1

    Derby Station - another revamp?

    I've heard a rumor that Derby is to be revamped again with the loss of platform 5 (bay) and possibly new platforms on the goods line, with dedicated platforms for East Midlands Trains and CrossCountry. Again, rumors :wink: But on a serious point, has anyone heard anything of this?
  2. Harbon 1

    Realtime Trains freight headcodes

    No, not a question why they don't have them before anyone starts... ;) But tonight I noticed 6K50 was a listed headcode on a (obviously) freight service. (was correct reporting number, checked with WTT) Do we think this has slipped through the net so to speak or have there been any other...
  3. Harbon 1

    Proposed 'East Midlands Intermodal Park'

    Evening all, We has a letter pushed through our door detailing a proposal for a 'Strategic Rail Freight Terminal' located directly south of Toyota's Burnaston plant, adjacent to Burnaston Interchange or "Toyota Island" on the A38 and A50, connected by rail to the Stoke - Derby line. The...
  4. Harbon 1

    F1 2014

    The new season is upon us... Thoughts on the first race of the new era? I thought it was the best race in absolutely ages, proper racing again, and I'm glad to see Williams back in the points with a very competitive car, who knows where Bottas could have finished had he not clouted the...
  5. Harbon 1

    Bulgarian 87s Help

    So my Bulgarian friend is insisting that our group of friends go to her house in Bulgaria next July (2014) for probably a week or two. Naturally, when she said Bulgaria, I thought 87s. So I've been allowed one day in the time we go to try and find some, since I never saw them working in the...
  6. Harbon 1

    Class 91 features in new 118 118 advert

    "Carrying the nation" It features from around 0:44 - 0:49 Looks interesting :lol:
  7. Harbon 1


    This service first appeared around this time last year, in the form of a Class 70 (Liverpool Bulk Terminal - Radcliffe Power Station). This was then changed to a different identity a while ago, with slightly amended timings. Then, early this morning (29/12/12), 60074 and a rake of HTAs was...
  8. Harbon 1

    The Snowman and the Snowdog

    Anyone else see it? Opinions? Personally I liked the history embedded into the new story with it being the same house and him finding the hat scale and the motorbike in the garage, but other than the short flight over London Bridge, it moved too quickly and had nothing on the origional, but...
  9. Harbon 1

    Final day of the Class 460s

    Ok, my first try at one of these, here goes! (Also posted here) So, when my family go to watch their beloved West Bromwich Albion play a London side, I will usually get £30, and a day in London by myself (I can't stand football!). Saturday 15th September 2012 was to be a 'normal' day, with a...
  10. Harbon 1

    Signal Prices

    Been browsing the Dorman catalogue here, and I'm wondering if anyone knows the prices of the signals and their accessories. Cheers, Matt
  11. Harbon 1

    Project to develop a new type of steam loco in the USA?

    I apologies if I've seen it wrong and worried anyone! But I saw today at Glasgow Central WHSmiths on one f the steam magazines had a corner of the front cover with something along the lines of 'Americans to break Mallard's record' Does anyone know any anything about this? I've had a quick...
  12. Harbon 1

    Ticket gates not accepting ticket

    Travelling up from Doncaster to Glasgow QS, on an advance with a choice of which train to catch from Edinburgh, but my dad tells me and we had the same today, the ticket gates for the west facing bays don't accept the tickets, Does anybody know why this happens? Cheers, Matt
  13. Harbon 1

    Re-opening Doors

    So, tonight on the train from Burton on Trent to Newark Castle. All was well until we got off at Newark, as the door closing beeps were sounding, my heart sank as I had realised I'd left my bag on the train. My first instinct was to run to the guard, but as he had already kindly closed the...
  14. Harbon 1

    Re-skinning issue

    So, i have had my first attempt at re-skinning, and keeping it simple, just a change of words on the intercity Mk3a FO. I followed this video as closely as possible, but I've had the following problem: The Mk3a on the left is for comparison. Does anyone with a decent knowledge of the...
  15. Harbon 1

    Concrete sleepers with chairs and keys?

    I've found an old concrete sleeper on the Jinny Nature Trail with, surprisingly, two chairs attached. It was therefore used on the old Burton-Eggington line, but I'm wondering how widely concrete sleepers and chairs were used, I thought they were confined to preserved lines Cheers, Matt
  16. Harbon 1

    82230 + 911??

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone knows which 91 was accompanying 82230 today? (3/4/12) Didn't get chance to look at KGX, lashing it down :( Cheers, Matt
  17. Harbon 1

    Strangely expensive journey?

    During my business studies lesson last Friday, I was looking for times and fares to get from Lincoln to Grantham the next day (10th).. After finding a decent time train with a child return at £6.60, I thought, "I fancy a bit of a journey, oooh, this one has a change at Retford." long story...
  18. Harbon 1

    Rugby Signal Boxes

    Just a quick one, Why are there different signal box codes on the signal plates around Rugby Station? For example: RN KR NR RC Cheers, Matt
  19. Harbon 1


    I'm looking to photograph the S-Stock moves from Derby to Old Dalby and have found the timings here and the scheduled days that it runs here. What I would like to know is what are the chances of the service running every day it is scheduled to? Or is it a thing of 'they'll go when there...
  20. Harbon 1

    Sleeper tickets

    Is it possible to return on the sleeper on a standard Glasgow - Fort William retun, or do the sleeper tickets have to be bought seperately? Cheers, Matt