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    Cross country 125 diags

    Apologies if these have been published, unfortunately the 125 group thread is only up to May, so looking for the Summer TT update...cheers
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    Bristol Temple junction!

    Something reported in the paper local accompanied by a snap of the great and the good, probably penned bu Phillipa Page or Phil Space...quiet Monday?
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    Tyne and Wear Metro extensions

    I have just moved into the area....what is the latest on new lines or re-openings to Washington for example?
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    Firstgreatwestern Coffeeshop

    Hello, Anyone anyone any ideas where the FGW coffeeshop has gone?...Cheers
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    Petition for reopening the Hereford, Hay and Brecon line

    Apologies but I have mislaid the link to a parliament petition for above. Can anyone help please?
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    York North yard + Klondyke sidings

    I might well have missed the discussion and answers but what is happening in the North York yards, tamper sidings and Klondyke sidings. Can someone please re post answers and thread. Most grateful if you can, Cheers, Jim --- old post above --- --- new post below --- Guess it must've been...
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    XC diagrams?

    A frequent question, no doubt. Friday's 11.11 Leeds to it a 125 please? Where can I find updates?
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    125 Cross Country diagrammes

    Can anyone tell me the latest XC 125 diagrammes please?
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    ECML problems 9 June 2014

    My son is on a train tonight North to KX...ground to a halt due to wiring issues and a suicide...any news?
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    New HS2 Technical college

    Howdy...anyone any thoughts where the location might be? Outside London it seems.
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    Bristol Harbour Railway

    Greetings, Recently stumbled across the above. What a superb location, almost as if the authorities hadn't realised it was still there, and working...admittedly for day visitors. Though on the day of my visit the diesel shunter was pushing a saddle tank about and some track-work was being...
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    Bodmin and Wenford rly.

    I know there has been controversy over the extension onto the camel trail which seemed to win the blessing (just) of the council in 2008. Can anyone provide any news, or is it in the 'too difficult' tray? Thanks for any update. Jim
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    Edinburgh to Glasgow

    Quite a lot of discussion about 'speeding up' the timetable, but they will be no faster than 27 top n tailed rakes of mk2s in the 70s. However, anyone please got a steam days TT. Ideally I'd like the best timings for the Scottish Directors' days...50s I guess. Toram Beg, the infamous commentator...
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    Northern upgrade

    Apologies if this is covered elsewhere! What is the latest on stock for the Northern end of things, given that there have been no Thameslink orders and decanting was the order of the day? The 319s are not compatible with the new OLE, it seems, and the Seimens contract is still not signed! So...
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    Oxford to Cambridge

    Interesting article in the Daily Mail of all newspapers...never struck me as a pro-rail paper...
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    Freight into Euston

    A quick scan of Rail in Smiths (cheapskate, sorry), suggests in a leading article, that Colas are exploring running freight into Euston to service M+S and other shops in the vicinity. If this is true, and not an early April fool, it sets a most interesting trend. Talk in Glasgow, as part of...
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    89001 'Avocet' to return?

    Talk in this weeks Rail about assessment of the 89 for East Coast services. Is this a spoof?
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    XC on board catering?

    A question really... My good lady is travelling FC on the 18.30 Birmingham to York...that's the Southampton to Newcastle. Should she have expected comp hot/cold food at least until Sheffield? Thanks anyone
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    seat reservation displays

    Hope I'm not missing an earlier thread on this, but am I the only one that absolutely loathes those minute illuminated reservation displays in modern stock? If there are any rolling stock designers or senior managers, who will all travel first class anyway! reading this, please bring back the...
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    interesting diversion

    On 13.23 Plymouth 125 (MO) to Edinburgh yesterday. Due to 'animals on the line at Ambergate' we were diverted at Derby via Trent Junction etc, rejoining at Clay Cross. I take it that Sheet Stores junction to Trent East junction sees regular passenger or is it a 'rare curve'? Had it not been for...