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    Yorkshire's railways - a map

    Just come across your map, and I have to say, it's very impressive! Kudos for all the work that must have gone into this, it contains a huge amount of detail.
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    Metrolink Covid WTT

    Metrolink last updated their timetables on the 24th August 2020. The update in February 2021 was as a result of the Trafford Centre stop changing its name and the times are identical to the August 2020 timetable. It'll be interesting to see if there are any changes forthcoming, though, as I...
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    Non-Urgent TOPS Requests

    As a side note to these allocations, there appears an issue with the signalling equipment affecting the HOW line between Llandovery & Llanwrtyd resulting in the misplacement of some units.
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    Metrolink Covid WTT

    A bit late to the party, but TfGM release their schedule data under an open data license, minus the 'off-depot' times. If it's of any use, there are timetables going back a few years using this data at
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    Non-Urgent TOPS Requests

    Morning Kemal 2C13 0930 Chester to Chester - 508124 2C14 0950 Chester to Chester - 508126 2C15 1010 Chester to Chester - 508140 2N16 1056 New Brighton to New Brighton - 508131 2N17 1116 New Brighton to New Brighton - 508143 2G36 1108 Ormskirk to Liverpool Central - 508130 2G37 1128 Ormskirk to...
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    Urgent TOPS Requests

    It is 68026 and the unscrambled headcode is 3Z92.
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    Non-Urgent TOPS Requests

    Morning Ellio78, 1E21 - 171803 (4car) 1E25 - 171725, 171722, 171730 (2cars each)
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    Non-Urgent TOPS Requests

    2U11 508108 2U12 507015 2U13 508127 2U14 508125 2U15 508115 2U16 507004 2U17 508139
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    Urgent TOPS Requests

    Not sure about 802011, but 165127 is on the West Ealing- Greenford shuttles today.
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    Atoc Timetable Feed Not Being Updated?

    I've noticed a few issues with the ATOC data feed recently. The general consensus seems to be that the ATOC feed will be phased out in favour of Failing that, Peter Hicks hosts an excellent archive of NR CIF files at
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    EMR new timetable Sunday Syston services

    For the May 2021 timetable at least, there doesn't appear to be any scheduled stops for Syston on a Sunday. From memory, I don't recall seeing anything about Sunday services in the recent EMR timetable consultation, either.
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    May 2021 Timetable Change

    Thanks for the heads up. I've done a bit of tweaking and recompiled the tables. Tables 4, 5, 6, 101, 225, 247, 248 & HOL should now show correctly (subject to the data being available)
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    What is the purpose of a fixed distant?

    You're very right. Did think it was upside down, but or sure how compliment it is. Doesn't look like it's on a preserved line, either.
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    What is the purpose of a fixed distant?

    Not necessarily. Reflective distant boards are often used as fixed distants. An example of this is available here:
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    May 2021 Timetable Change

    Whilst it's still early doors and the new timetable data is "very flexible," I've put together PDF's for the May 21 timetables for most of the UK (the South East still needs some work, unfortunately.) It goes without saying, that some TOC's are yet to release their data and things are obviously...
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    2021 fare increases

    I dare say there may be a few surprised travellers tomorrow, as besides from at the beginning of the year, I've personally not come across any coverage of the forthcoming fare increases, and should someone look online for the price of travel tomorrow, it may well be incorrect.
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    Deansgate calls

    Not sure if it'll help with your query, but the Summer 2020 timetables on the following webpage don't take into account Covid alterations. Also, if it's of any use, I can compile a custom timetable for the station using pre-covid data...
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    Disruption Alerts

    The National Rail Enquiries twitter account is pretty good for this kind of thing. It's possible to set up text message alerts for the account, too.
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    Least Used Stations 2019-20

    It's definitely had an increase in usage, but with an average of approximately one passenger every four servicees, it's still pretty low.
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    Scarborough to Bridlington - December timetable issues.

    Interestingly, it looks like the 1508 from Filey to Seamer arrived into Filey on time, but left 8 late after having to wait for the train in the opposite direction to clear the single line. RTT: