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  1. Cheshire Rover

    5T06 - Widnes to Chester

    An interesting run today. 5T06 which is showing on RTT as a Class 390 operating from Widnes TT to Chester DMU depot. I assume this would have been a drag all the way from Widnes?
  2. Cheshire Rover

    TFW Chester to Liverpool

    With the new TFW service from Chester to Liverpool (hopefully) starting in May, our local Facebook page has posts querying the likely cost of tickets. Would anyone know how soon before a new service starts do the ticket prices get issued please?
  3. Cheshire Rover

    Incident at Birchwood 11Feb17

    Reports on local media that an incident has occurred at Birchwood with rail services affected. No confirmation from reliable sources but people on Facebook offering condolences. Edit - Fatality confirmed...
  4. Cheshire Rover

    Delayed at Carlisle

    Just a heads up. Currently on the 1400 Virgin service from Glasgow to Euston. Train delayed at Carlisle due to a broken windscreen wiper. Weather up here is pretty poor so this must be a real issue for the driver. --- old post above --- --- new post below --- Train terminating at Carlisle.
  5. Cheshire Rover

    Merseyrail Incident at Bache (25 November) Two arrested after 'phone rage' brawl on train There appears to have been an incident this evening on Merseyrail where a member of rail staff has been injured. I hope it is not as...
  6. Cheshire Rover

    Helsby Junction Improvements

    Some good news for Helsby. Compass railtours are to headquarter at the newly renovated station house. As well as railtours stopping at Helsby, there will be a new ticketing facility and hot and cold drinks etc available. In addition, the old ticket office is currently being renovated with a...
  7. Cheshire Rover

    Wrong Route

    A very odd thing happened this morning. I was on the 0622 Newton Le Willows to Man Vic which is a Northern Service. Journey was as normal until we reached Manchester when we stopped briefly just by Ordsall Junction then after a 'coded'* massage on the tannoy from the driver to the guard we...
  8. Cheshire Rover

    Was I missold? Help please.

    I am hoping someone can advise me if I was missold a ticket. Last week I was travelling from Helsby to Manchester Victoria via Newton Le Willows on the 0649 ATW. If I am not travelling back on the same day, ATW will sell me (on the train) an Off Peak Return for £14.60, 10p more than the Day...
  9. Cheshire Rover

    Problem at Helsby today?

    I was waiting for the 0649 to Manchester Piccadilly this morning when the helpful signalman at Helsby advised that there had been an 'accident' on the track between Helsby and Chester. Train was delayed (as was the 0721 apparently) so most of the passengers left and made their own way to...
  10. Cheshire Rover

    Hooton to Liverpool on the Halton Curve

    I have just found this on the Helsby Parish Council minutes for March .  Liverpool Airport – to mark 80 years of the opening, a special train would be laid on from Hooton – Liverpool Parkway known as the ‘Halton Curve’. This would either be 29th June or 6th July and would coincide with...
  11. Cheshire Rover

    Voyager at Helsby

    Sat at Helsby tonight at about 1745 and what looked like a Voyager passed by heading towards Warrington. It had no TOC livery, just a pleasant red and grey/black paint job and Bombardier emblazoned down the side. There were people on board and the train did not stop. Was it a diversion due to...
  12. Cheshire Rover

    RPI's ineffective. What can they do?

    I was queuing at Manchester Victoria this morning for the ticket check off the platform. As regular users of Victoria know, the ticket checks are split into two queues, one for entering the platforms and one for exiting. Whilst the rest of us queued patiently, a young man just walked straight...
  13. Cheshire Rover

    ATW stock used today Chester to Manchester

    On the commute today we had a Class 158 to Manchester and a 2 car Class 175 on the peak return that was mobbed. I saw a 2 car Class 150 whilst waiting at Newton Le Willows on my way home. Does anyone know wht ATW have been using such old stock or reduced capacity 175's today on this route where...
  14. Cheshire Rover

    Llandudno to Chester today

    Does anyone know why Arriva were running so many two car sets between Llandudno and Chester and on to Manchester today? Travel today has been cramped to say the least. :evil:
  15. Cheshire Rover

    Helsby to Manchester - Valid Routes

    Good morning.. I'm just about to commit to a 12 month season ticket for my commute. My normal route now is Helsby to Manchester Victoria via Newton Le Willows. I would appreciate however some advice on other valid routes, in case of delays, breakdowns, weather etc. I believe these are valid...
  16. Cheshire Rover

    Advice on commute from Newton Le Willows

    Good afternoon. My current commute from Helsby to Piccadilly means a 1 mile walk once I arrive in Manchester (or the Tram). I could change trains at Newton Le Willows and catch the 0722 to Manchester Victoria which would save me a walk. Could anyone advise how busy this train gets (it's the...
  17. Cheshire Rover

    Flooding at NLW

    Just a quick update. I was travelling into Manchester from Helsby this morning and we were delayed slightly at NLW. This apparently was caused by a flooded line and the incident is still ongoing. It is affecting trains in both directions so if you have a tight connection to make you may want to...
  18. Cheshire Rover

    Points failure manchester.

    Currently sat at manchester oxford road on the 1650 ATW Llandudno service from Piccadilly. Points failure at Odsall Road according to the guard.
  19. Cheshire Rover

    Virgin Voyager seating reservation and ticket.

    Hi. I am after some advice. I am due to travel to London Euston tomorrow morning on the 0835 from Chester with some family members. I have standard class tickets with seat reservations in coach D. If D is reclassified as First Class as I believe sometimes happens, will I lose my seat reservation?
  20. Cheshire Rover

    Failed train at Newton Le Willows

    Currently sat at Newton behind a failed train. Queue forming.