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    Passenger charter discounts/void days on changeover season tkt

    I should have been clearer in my previous post. I agree that, where "void" days were added when the ticket was renewed, they should be deducted prior to calculating the base rate for that ticket for change-over purposes, then added back on when issuing the new ticket. However, if there are...
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    Passenger charter discounts/void days on changeover season tkt

    Just as an addendum to the above, where "void days" are owed on the original ticket those should be refunded in the normal manner before the change-over is calculated. They CAN NOT be carried forward. Also, charter discounts CAN be carried forward if both the old and new journeys are within...
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    GroupSave changes?

    Here are a couple of screenshots taken from Trainline and FasTIS that illustrate the "not valid before 09:30" rule being applied. I would've included a Journey Planner screenshot, but we've not got access to that any more. On the Trainline shot, notice the lack of radio button under the 09:13...
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    London and Paris Travel Advice

    One key difference between Oyster PAYG and a paper Travelcard is that you can't get an extension ticket to go to a station outside the Travelcard Area with the former, but you can with the latter. So if, for example, you wanted to go to Beaconsfield to visit Bekonscot Model Village, you'd have...
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    First Great Western - Trainee Drivers

    Finally got a response from FGW...Only got a borderline pass on the Group Bordon so I'm SOL. :(
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    Is this cheating the system?

    Vauxhall - Waterloo or Waterloo East - Charing Cross are cheaper ;)
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    Luton Travelcard time restriction

    I'd concur with that, which makes the first valid train 1B21 (0704 Lincoln Central to St Pancras), which is due off Leicester at 0833 and into St Pancras at 1000.
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    Parents got grief at Tottenham Hale (LUL) - but let off 'this time'

    For bonus points, the TfL Conditions of Carriage say that Group Day Tickets aren't valid on Greater Anglia between Walthamstow Central/Tottenham Hale/Seven Sisters and Liverpool Street, even though The Manual says they are(!) Is it any wonder there's confusion about exactly what is and isn't...
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    Connection time at Beccles

    Purely from a timetabling point of view, nothing is shown against Beccles in the eNRT so the default of five minutes would apply and it wouldn't be a valid "connection".
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    Parents got grief at Tottenham Hale (LUL) - but let off 'this time'

    There's another relevant bit in the "inter-available" routes part of the London section of The Manual:
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    Is this cheating the system?

    I always thought staff only had to present their PRIV Card for 2 for 1s, or is that just for London?
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    UK Map - Season Prices to London

    I don't think such a map exists, simply because each of the TOCs have different pricing policies. Picking some examples (weekly rates, assuming Zone 1-6 Travelcards):Shoeburyness (39.5 miles) : £112.40 Southend Airport (39.75 miles) : £109.60 Newport (Essex) (40 miles) : £122.40 Baldock (36.75...
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    York Station revenue block

    Being charitable, I'd suggest yet another case of training issues. Most of the RPIs I know (curiously mainly ex-WAGN or Thameslink) work on two principles: "If you're not sure whether a ticket's valid, ask for a second opinion where possible" and "If you're still not sure, don't mark it, and...
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    London Midland Super Off-Peak returns

    This change only appears to apply to certain flows, as the text for restrictions LH, LJ and LK hasn't changed in The Manual for NFM15.
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    Why don't the TOCs address this issue (collection of tickets)?

    Avantix Mobile does feature some flavour of ToD type functionality. I believe GatEx (in NatEx days) were the first to use it, but most TOCs don't for some reason. And I'm told that Atos are currently working on the second hardware refresh for Avantix.
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    Parents got grief at Tottenham Hale (LUL) - but let off 'this time'

    I suspect it's related to the move to zonal pricing for point-to-point tickets in the Travelcard Area in the run up to Oyster PAYG rollout on NR, but I stand for correction.
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    Parents got grief at Tottenham Hale (LUL) - but let off 'this time'

    For "in-boundary" Train-Tube tickets (such as Enfield Lock to Walthamstow Central via Tottenham Hale) the ticket has to be issued for all the zones passed through, but that doesn't apply for "out-boundary" ones (except on Southern IIRC). So Enfield Lock - Walthamstow Central via Tottenham...
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    Southeastern Highspeed to St Pancras International (18/5/2013)

    The train in question doesn't appear in the eNRT either, just an 0537 and an 0637.
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    Penalty Fare - Unfairly given? Need advice

    Whilst it may seem funny to us, I believe there are some lines in Europe that operate on a "paytrain" basis with passengers paying the driver!
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    Evening Peak Restrictions on Southern Downlander

    Just to muddy the waters further, the wording in NFM15 is different: "The All Network Downlander is not valid on trains that depart from a station within London Zones 1-6 between 16:15 and 19:15 (inclusive) Monday to Friday"