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  1. TheWalrus

    NSE Westbury-London Paddington?

    Good morning I have come across a window label for a Westbury to London Paddington service with the NSE logo on it! As far as I was aware NSE didn’t run west of Bedwyn. I have searched online and cannot find any information on this service at all. Does anyone on here have any recollection or...
  2. TheWalrus

    GWR IET Diagrams

    Hello Does anyone have the complete IET diagrams to post here? I’ve searched on this forum and on google for them to no avail. Many Thanks in advance for your help!
  3. TheWalrus

    GWR stabling points queries

    Where can trains be stabled across the GW network? And how many? Specifically can you stable IETs overnight at Paignton, Exeter St David’s, Westbury, Banbury, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Worcester, Oxford, Carmarthen, Taunton, Weston, Cardiff? If yes how many trains/carriages? I believe IETs...
  4. TheWalrus

    Is a uniform fleet cheaper to operate than a mixed fleet?

    I understand that with a uniform fleet, it is cheaper to train crew initially, but are operational costs cheaper to have just one class of unit in a fleet? And if so in what ways is this cheaper, in ongoing costs, other than initial and staffing costs?
  5. TheWalrus

    Stored EMUs and where could they be deployed next?

    Just wondering if there is a list or if someone knows how many EMUs are currently off lease or expected to go off lease in the foreseeable future? I would also like to discuss the possible future ises for these EMUs and whether we need more electrification in order to make use of them. I am...
  6. TheWalrus

    EMR 156 at Cardiff Central

    Just seen a 156 at Cardiff Central, thought I was seeing things but I found this on RTT: looks like an ECS working from Landore to Etches Park but why?
  7. TheWalrus

    Interview for Customer Sales Advisor with GWR

    Finally managed to get an interview with GWR for Customer Sales Advisor! What will the interview be like? What will they ask me? What will I need to be prepared for? All help and advice would be much appreciated! Many Thanks in advance
  8. TheWalrus

    GWR Conductor job application

    I’m considering applying but got turned down recently for a similar role, so where am I going wrong? What do I need to include in the application to get to interview stage? Thanks
  9. TheWalrus

    Fitting Diesel engines to EMUs

    I was wondering with the 769/230 projects and many new EMUs due to come off lease soon (i.e. 707s), what would be the possibility of fitting Diesel engines to these and using as a bi-mode like the 769s? Or pantographs? It could help find a new home for them as otherwise it seems a waste.
  10. TheWalrus

    Customer Ambassador job with GWR

    Morning all, Thinking about applying for this role today, can anyone help please with what I should put in the application? What is the process these days? Also if successful and invited for interview, what will they ask me so I can prepare? Cheers
  11. TheWalrus

    GWR 2019 draft timetables

    afternoon all, Do we have any recent draft timetables yet for GWR services for the May? 2019 timetable change?
  12. TheWalrus

    IET at Exeter tonight 20/06/18

    I saw an IET at Exeter St. Thomas tonight at 1948 heading towards St. David’s. Was quite surprised as they don’t usually come here. According to Real Time Trains it was going from Plymouth to Stoke Gifford. Anyone know any more about this?
  13. TheWalrus

    GWR timetable recast 2018?

    I was wondering with the electrification delays etc. will there still be a timetable recast in December 2018? I’m particularly interested in the London Paddington to Exeter semi-fast, London to Plymouth and Penzance intercity services and the local Devon services between Exmouth and Paignton...
  14. TheWalrus

    The old days of HSTs from Fratton - do they ever stillv happen?

    HSTS are not MUs I would say more like loco-hauled stock. You may get one come to Fratton on match days but not sure if they still do this?
  15. TheWalrus

    800s to Bedwyn

    Apologies if this has already been covered elsewhere but recent news is following the electrification to Newbury, 800s will be used to continue to give Bedwyn direct services to London. Will this be the same service level as now (1tph) or only at certain times? I also think it would make...
  16. TheWalrus

    AT300 journey time improvements

    Reading the recent news the FGW are likely to be receiving new trains for London-West services, they are expected to reduce journey times by 5 minutes to Exeter, 6 to Plymouth and 14 to Penzance. This seems a relatively small reduction compared to those to Oxford, Bristol and South Wales. For...
  17. TheWalrus

    Factors limiting revenue

    Do things such as poor infrastructure and rail regulation prevent TOCs making money, and as a result pay less in premiums/require more subsidy? For example, LM wanted to extend their Crewe services to Liverpool and divert a Birmingham to Liverpool service to Preston. However the ORR...
  18. TheWalrus

    GW relief line service after Crossrail

    I see the proposal during the peaks is: - 2tph to Maidenhead - 2tph to Reading - 4tph to Heathrow - 2tph to West Drayton - 2tph to Reading (semi-fast) - 1tpd to Henley and Bourne End How are they expecting to fit all of these in on the relief lines? Also if stock is available during...
  19. TheWalrus

    Potential Scotrail 170 cascade

    If Scotrail releases all it's 170s in 2018, would it make sense to reform them into 4 an 2 car units? Then send 4x4car 170s to Southern to strengthen Uckfield services. 2 car units could be useful for Northern and TPEX services?
  20. TheWalrus

    WCML capacity issues - a possible solution?

    With current capacity constraints on the WCML, could this be partially due to a mix of 100/110mph and 125mph tilting stock? If so what if the LM fast services went over to 125mph tilting stock would this give more capacity for fast services?