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    [BLS] Chiltern Railways Depot Tracker

    The Branch Line Society, in association with Chiltern Railways, are organising a tour in aid of the Railway Children on Sunday 26th May. Tickets are £50 for Adult BLS members and Chiltern staff, £40 for BLS members under the age of 16 and children of Chiltern staff, £60 for Adult non-members...
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    First Great Western WebTIS fault

    Here's a new one on me:Go to the First Great Western WebTIS page Enter a journey such as Southend Central (SOC) to London Zones 1-6 (0035) with 2 Adults as the number of passengers Spot the mistake in the fares that you get offeredUpon querying this with FGW's web support team, the passenger...
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    Greater Anglia Travelcard and Oyster confusion

    Good afternoon, Having contacted Greater Anglia Customer Relations regarding the multitude of different prices for Travelcards and Oyster out to Broxbourne and Shenfield, I received an answer this morning. The basic upshot of this is that the appropriate Travelcards will be repriced to the...
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    Complex Refund Puzzle

    Good afternoon, It being a slow day at work, I've come up with a fiendish change-over related refund situation for folks to have a go at...if you dare. :twisted: Just to make life a bit easier for those who don't have access to old NFMs, I'll use current fares, though it'll make the dates look...
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    Chiltern Contactless Payment Trial

    Good afternoon, Chiltern are trialling contactless payment for a limited range of tickets (Anytime Day Singles and Returns, Off-Peak Day Returns and Senior Railcard Singles and Off-Peak Day Returns) between Great Missenden and Marylebone. Tickets appear to be issued by a modified Parkeon...
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    Paddington - Cardiff splits?

    Evening all, Any suggestions for splits for a PRIV Single Paddington - Cardiff Central, travelling on a weekday with no Season ticket held? So far I've managed to get it down from £24.90 to £18.90 by splitting at Reading and Swindon. Cheers, Barry
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    Gatwick Express and Southern...again

    Afternoon all, Just to muddy the waters on the Southern/GatEx saga again, today I took in a Rail Travel Voucher issued by Southern and sporting both the GatEx and Southern logos. Good innit? Cheers, Barry
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    Sailrail Update

    Evening all, Just a quick note to advise that Sailrail connections via Holyhead now show in NRS/Journey Planner/Ticket Issuing Systems as seat reservations once again, rather than Sleepers. Cheers, Barry
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    SailRail Changes again

    Evening all, As part of the changes to SailRail that come into effect with NFM11 on 2nd January, a fundamental change to how the ferries appear in the reservations system has taken place, which may result in problems trying to retail SailRail tickets at stations. Briefly, the ferries now...
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    Senior Railcard Validity Query

    Morning all, A source of regular arguments this one, so I figured I'd throw it open to the floor for opinions. As we know, within the former Network Southeast area, a Senior Railcard isn't valid until Off-Peak Day Returns and/or Day Travelcards become available (09:30 for journeys wholly...
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    The Gatwick Express Issue

    Morning all, Having been thinking on the issue of validity of "Southern Only" tickets on Gatwick Express, it occurs to me that the simplest solution would be to change the routeing on them to "Not Gatwick Express" as that's clearly the intent. Cheers, Barry
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    New Oyster OSIs

    Hi folks, Just been perusing The Manual and noticed a few changes to the OSI list, so here goes:Bank (LU) to Cannon Street (NR) : 40 minutes [Cannon Street (NR) to Bank (LU) : 20 minutes Dalston Junction to Dalston Kingsland (and vv) : 20 minutes East Putney (LU) to Putney (NR) : 30 minutes...
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    NFM09 Availability

    Evening all, For those with access to it, NFM09 (effective immediately for tickets sold for journeys from 22nd May) is now available on "The Manual". Follow the "Next NFM" link in the header. (You may need to do a Shift/Ctrl+Refresh/Reload to see said link). Future fares change dates...
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    Chiltern May 2011 Timetable

    Hi folks, Spotted earlier that Chiltern have put out another draft timetable for consultation. Consultation closes 26th February. Met Line times are much the same as now, but the Western has been completely recast to take advantage of the Mainline works (aka Evergreen 3 Phase 1). The...
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    Void Days and Passengers Charter Discounts for Period 11/09

    Hi folks, Just a quick note to advise that the Void Days and Charter Discounts for Period 11/09 (ending 11th December, applied to renewals between 19th December and 15th January) have now been announced. The PDF can be found here on the ATOC website. Summary: First Great Western (Thames...
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    Prior Information Notice for next franchise round

    Hi folks, A quick peruse of the DfT website caused me to stumble across this site, where they provide links to OJEU notices, amongst other things. The one that caught my eye was a Prior Information Notice regarding franchising, which can be found here. Brief summary: OJEU Notices...
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    National Routeing Guide Updated

    Just a quick note to say that the Routeing Guide has been updated as of 23rd February...However, the "Group Stations" file is still broken. Can still be found at Cheers, Barry