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    Carmel Coaches (Bristol / Devon)

    Quote: A Devon coach firm which was stripped of its operating licence is to cease trading, managers say. Carmel Coaches said the decision to stop trading on 14 November had been made after losing an appeal aimed at keeping its licence. The company appealed to the Transport Tribunal after it...
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    Royal Blue vehicles in London 20 June

    BBC Radio Devon's David Shepard was talking about this the other day as he's on this trip with his Royal Blue coach, they're heading this weekend from London to the South Coast, Bournmouth I think before heading to Exeter and then onto Minehead. They're recreating the old routes so you may see...
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    Landslip at Crewkerne

    Its just made it through 41 mins late to Yeovil, due to go back to Exeter as this
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    Liverpool 4-0 Arsenal at half time, Liverpool scored all four goals within the first 20 mins!
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    Dartmoor Mk2s

    47375, 47769 and 31459 are still sat there on one end of the rake waiting to go back up north.
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    Cowley Bridge Junction - likely to flood again?

    There was also engineering work going on at the time so a couple of 66s were also stuck, one at Eggesford and one at Portsmouth Arms I think.
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    Cowley Bridge Junction - likely to flood again?

    It's quite normal for the fields next to Cowley Bridge to flood during heavy rain but it takes an exceptional amount of rainfall combined with already saturated ground to flood the rail line which was the case last year.
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    0Z47 to Okehampton?

    47375 didn't sound right last weekend on the polar express and seemed to be struggling on the climbs, 31459 had to do a lot of pushing.
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    People turning right claiming right of way

    In Stoke, especially Hanley is full of awful drivers who will pull in/out of junctions without looking, nothing to worry about with that one its just how everyone drives there.
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    Service bus myths...

    The first bus after the concession bus pass becomes valid is the only one that day and so every pass holder must catch that bus. Myth Stagecoach SW 315: A full bottom deck of a double decker means the upstairs is full too so everyone must stand.
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    Arsene Wenger has found his wallet from down the back of the sofa, Ozil on his way to Arsenal for £42 million according to the BBC transfer deadline day page.
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    The Railway: First Great Western on Channel 5

    They've been filming at Dawlish today for the program whilst the air show was on.
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    Jose Mourinho just been confirmed as the new Chelsea manager (didn't see that one coming :p) Jose, Ian Holloway and Di Canio, I'm looking forward to the new season already just for the pre-match and post match interviews!
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    Western Greyhound Fire and subsequent WG general discussion.

    That's most of the double deckers gone if that is true, those enviro 400 were brilliant on the 510 route performing very well on steep hills and had a good turn of speed on the A30 plus I think one or both of them recently had wifi fitted to them. I think it's brilliant in the industry that...
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    Western Greyhound Fire and subsequent WG general discussion.

    Listening to BBC Radio Cornwall it sounds like 4 out of the 6 Citaros used on the Truro Park & Ride have been destroyed. Sad to hear that this has happened to WG, they always provide a quality service. The 510 and 599 to Exeter are apparently running normally, just saw a Solo heading to Exeter
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    Northbound Lowland Sleeper delayed

    Only the northbound lowland is still stuck at Crewe, the northbound highland made it through but is 3 hours late according to realtime trains, both southbound sleepers made it through but were delayed. Looks like it will be a long day for Network Rail and a long lie in for the lowland...
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    Weather-Related Disruption (Dec 2012)

    I'm guessing they will be as no life is in danger