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    Science Museum Group Cut Backs

    THE SMG, which includes the National Railway Museum (NRM) has today announced a number of redundancies and a cut back so that "the organisation’s five museums will operate under reduced opening hours when they reopen following the current lockdown, only opening for five days a week outside of...
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    BR Printed Items

    This is a very niche question: Most people who collect railway ephemera of the nationalisation era will be aware that nearly all printed items of that time have a code that contains the letters BR and a number. Sometimes this is had a suffix letter or a slash followed by another number...
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    Trains you regret that you did not catch when you were at the station

    In the early 1970's I did shift work in the City of London. As the was no handover from the night to day shift we were allowed to leave when work as cleared. Sometimes this found me at Liverpool Street waiting for the 04:00 newspaper train on the Cambridge line. The train I regret not catching...
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    Greater Anglia - Advance Tickets 7th March

    About 8 times a year I travel from Sudbury (Suffolk) to Norwich and have always managed to get advance tickets at around £5 - £6 each way (that is with a Railcard Discount).Sometime these have been purchased the day before. My next trip is scheduled for Saturday 7th March and there are no...