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    Rochdale platform 2

    There’s currently a sprinter sat in platform 2 (the east facing bay) at Rochdale, which as far as I’m aware only gets used as an emergency turnback when the timetable goes into meltdown. Anybody have any idea why it’s there?
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    Avanti with a bike

    Booked Preston to Glasgow in early October, taking my bike. Booked online with no issues at all, and got the confirmation email with everything correct - tickets, seat reservations, bike place reserved. Went to collect the tickets from my local station and the machine said there were 3 tickets...
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    Station retail units

    A question that’s occurred to me having seen a “to let” sign on a potential retail unit at Manchester Victoria..... The to let sign is in the joint names of Northern and a letting agent, but (I presume) the station is owned by Network Rail and managed by Northern. Assuming that’s right.... -...
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    Northern shortforming

    So, Northern are chronically short of units, yet the number of shortforms showing on their journey check page is tiny most days. I travel on the Calder valley route most days and there are noticeably more two carriage journeys than in the recent past. For example, I’m posting this whilst...
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    Anticipating delays and being proactive

    I’m planning a trip from Todmorden to Scotland, and the itinerary I’ve got involves changes at Burnley or Blackburn and then Preston, with a 15 minute connection onto the train to Glasgow. Given how poor Northern’s service has been, it’s quite possible one of their services will be cancelled...
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    How much rolling stock is directly owned by TOCs?

    I’d always assumed that since privatisation locos/units/etc were owned by rolling stocks leading companies, but the post on the GWR sleeper thread about the pair of 08s for sale mentions that the agent is instructed by GWR, implying they’re the owners. Is this right? If so, how widespread is...
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    Carnet tickets

    I have a distant - but possibly faulty - memory that the introduction of carnet-style flexible season tickets was either in the tender specification for the current Northern franchise or Arriva’s successful bid (or both), but I can’t find any evidence to support my memory. Does anyone know?
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    Calder Valley late evening 12/12/19

    Can anyone shed any light on the “operational incident” that led to the 23:19 from Manchester to Leeds being delayed at Walsden for over half an hour? The slightly garbled message from the conductor was that the train in front was route over Copy Pit but the driver “wasn’t allowed to drive that...
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    [Trivia] Pairs of stations with different sounding names

    (If a mod can phrase the title better than me feel free to change it) Most days at Manchester Victoria I hear announcements of trains on the Wigan line calling successively at Hag Fold and Daisy Hill It always strikes me how they sound like polar opposites - Hag Fold sounds awful but Daisy...
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    Calder Valley disruption 3/12/19

    Over running engineering works causing delays / cancellations of all the first services. 0605 HBD - MCV left about 25 late and stopped at the signal just beyond the end of the platform, and is now showing as cancelled beyond HBD on the screens and national rail enquiries. Not sure what they’re...
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    Disabled access question

    A friend of mine is a wheelchair user and had booked an advance single and wheelchair space from Haymarket to Kings Cross. About an hour before departure time he happened to see a tweet from LNER saying his train wouldn’t have any accessible toilets available. He rang LNER customer services...
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    Can Delay Repay compensation be combined with compensation from a Seat Guarantee scheme?

    I was delayed approx 90 minutes on a XC train that was cancelled halfway through its journey, and on the second train I had to stand the whole way (I’d had a reserved seat on the original train) I was advised by the conductor to do both a delay repay claim and a separate one by email for having...
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    Why don’t Network Rail tidy up after themselves?

    It never ceases to amaze me how much detritus seems to be left behind after engineering works are completed. Lengths of rail, sleepers, all kinds of stuff. Surely as the guardians of the infrastructure they should set a better example, and it probably contributes to some of the vandalism of...
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    Delay repay question

    hi Travelling Solihull to Oxford, with a split at Banbury as it’s about half the price of a Solihull to Oxford return. Banbury to Oxford delayed due to cancellation by Cross Country. Can I claim delay repay for both tickets or just the Banbury to Oxford one?
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    Who “owns” the config of gateline barriers?

    Another example of the low level aggro Northern customers get on a daily basis. Off peak returns from West Yorkshire into Manchester don’t have an evening peak restriction, unlike Greater Manchester ones, but years after they were installed the Victoria barriers reject valid return portions as...
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    How much recovery time is reasonable?

    i totally get that the timetable needs a degree of resilience, so that a delay doesn’t ripple through the network and cause havoc. But how much is reasonable? I’m currently on the late running 832 Hebden Bridge to Chester (some aggro at Bradford apparently) which left Leeds 21 late but is -...
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    Any explanation - seemingly crazy fare

    This is genuinely baffling so I’d be intrigued to understand the thinking behind this. I’m travelling from Hebden Bridge to Norwich, going on the evening on May 17 and returning on the evening of May 20. Outbound there’s an advance fare for the whole journey, changing Leeds and Peterborough...
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    Calder Valley timetables

    Does anyone know where I can find previous years' timetables for the Calder Valley route? Nothing too long ago, but each of the last five years would be really helpful Thanks