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    Northern strike action suspended

    RMT have suspended all strike action and have come to a preliminary agreement with Northern. All trains to run with safety critical guard for duration of franchise with some door control passed to drivers. More details will emerge soon
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    ATW hiring Northern stock

    Noticed 150215 in old Northern Rail colours working 1252 Manchester Piccadilly to Llandudno today with ATW traincrew. Is this unit on permanent hire to ATW or was this an ad hoc cover?
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    North East Round Robin

    When I check NRE for fares for a day return from York to Carlisle on Saturday it shows a North East Round Robin to be the cheapest ticket. I need to do both the outward and return legs via Newcastle as I'm meeting somebody. NRE still said this was the cheapest ticket. However under the ticket...
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    Routes between stations in tunnel.

    I'm after journeys between 2 adjacent stations on the same line, where the majority of the route between the stations is in tunnel, but the stations are not. For Clarification: 1) Must be Light Rail/National Rail (London Underground excluded as there must be loads!) 2) The two stations...
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    TOC's liability to get you to your destination on PRIV tickets

    Recently I was delayed on a train for over two hours when travelling with 4 friends. As we had originally planned to arrive at around 21.30 we were in plenty of time to catch the last connecting train at 23.00. The delay was caused by an infrastucture problem so admittedly wasn't the fault of...
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    Priv discounts on Rovers/Rangers

    I am aware that certain Rovers and Rangers are eligable for a Priv discount, including All Line Rovers and Cheshire Day Rangers. There is no mention of which can be discounted on the Atoc staff travel website either and Priv information generally isn't stated on TOC's public websites. Is there...
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    Manchester Airport stoppers

    Why are Northern not running their **14 stoppers from Piccadilly to the airport for the next 5 weeks on a Sat??
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    Ticket barriers in Northern England

    The North seems to have relatively fewer automatic barriered stations than any other part of England, with many major stations 'open'. The following are stations below are ones I know to be barriered (or those with asterix proposed or under construction). Are there any others? or any others...
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    Bolton to Amersham

    In the advantix machine there are two anytime return fares - Any Permitted and London. The Any Permitted is considerably cheaper than the London fare. Using the ATOC online routing guide it would seem that London is a valid 'Any Permitted' route as Amersham is part of the London group...
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    Nonsense fares on 08.58 Stoke - Manchester Picc

    This service makes the following calls Stoke on T 08.58 CDR's to Manchester not valid Kidsgrove 09.05 CDR's valid B3 restriction Congleton 09.12 CDR's not valid B2 restriction Macclesfield 09.20 CDR's valid B2 restriction Prestbury 09.24 CDR's...