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    internet on the move

    hi everyone, this wont make a lot of sense but here we go!, when i go on my rail rover am going to be in firstclass. what i want to no is are there any devices (blackberry???) that i could use whilst am on the move and also in the first class lounges, to keep up to date with the rail gen and...
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    where to go in glasgow?

    hi people, as the name states, am going to glasgow central in may on my first class ALR . i arrive in glasgow at 12.45, any suggestions for trips up there that have first class? i need to leave glasgow at 16.46 to get back down to london. I no its pretty random but any ideas would be very...
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    class 90 diagram

    hello everyone, just need some info please, could anyone remind me what times the 90 is off birmingham in the afternoon? i cant remember! also if anyone has the times the pendos are getting diverted over the s&c at weekends that would be great. thankyou in advance
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    a race to ramsgate

    hello everyone, next year me and my brother are going on a all line rail rover , and to make it a bit more fun we are going to do a top gear style race, we both have to get from leicester to ramsgate the quickest by any means necessary. but the catch is we are not allowed to go via london which...
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    67026 is back!!

    hi all , 67026 is back in service after two years at motherwell and toton. it should be working the 6B12 2234 toton to wigston jct p/way train . then it is 6B12 0800 Wigston - Bescot 0855. i have been waiting for this for a long time!
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    no serial number for great eastern

    hi all, i received my great eastern from amazon today but it hasent got a serial number on it anywhere! i heard other people have had the same problem. can anyone help me? thanks
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    virgin angels

    hiya people,this is my first post on here yay! i was just wondering if any of you are going on the virgin non stop run? i am going with my brother on the sleeper the night before is anyone else doing this? it should be a good day out and it is good that all the money raised is going to charity