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    Break of journey on Anytime ticket

    I've always been under the impression that a Break of journey (BoJ) was always permitted on an anytime ticket. This is based on this page for example However looking at the conditions for a ticket I'm using today it states that a BoJ is not permitted. Has this changed recently or is it one of...
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    Arriva Trains Wales Signs

    Regarding the sign attached below, does anybody agree that the wording is incorrect. For example my local station (Fairwater/FRW) only has card ticket machines. Reading the wording of the sign it suggests that if you do not buy a ticket from the machine you may have committed an offence. It...
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    Fairwater - Manchester Victoria

    I have just booked tickets with the below itinerary. Does this mean I can catch the Metrolink between Manchester Piccadilly and Manchester Victoria? As I only thought tickets to Manchester Ctrl zone were valid on Metrolink. Thanks James
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    Fairwater - Poole

    Using a 16-25 railcard with non advance tickets is the £33.75 fare the cheapest option, or is there a valid split on route?? Thanks James
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    Olympic Travelcards

    If I had one of these would it be valid to use a zone 6 - Ashtead ticket with it? James
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    Two questions around Cardiff

    Firstly next to a couple of signals tonight there was an 'M' illuminated. Does anybody know what this means?? If anybody was wondering where the signals were, their rough positions are circled in the attached image. Secondly when City line trains diverge from the Vale of Glamorgan line...
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    Intercity Stock in Cardiff

    As I went past Cardiff Canton today c.15.50 there were some coaches in an Intercity livery. IRRC they were not in the Swallow design, it looked more blue. When I went past c.21.40 they had been moved Any ideas why they were there? Thanks in advance James P.s. Wrong forum...can this be...
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    Plusbus + 16-25 railcard

    Is this allowed? Thanks James Sent from my Desire HD using Tapatalk
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    Going on a First Class Bash

    This thursday I have planned a first class bash. Cardiff Central - Crewe on the Arriva Trains Wales Premier Service - What is the food on this service like? Crewe - Birmingham New Street on the 19:01 service - Is this a Pendolino or a Voyager? Also I understand that this a lite bites service...
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    Manchester Metrolink Tickets

    I am not sure if this is best on here or the Light Rail forum. However I am getting into Manchester Piccadilly next Thursday and am looking for a tram ticket that lets me do all the lines, any suggestions?? Thanks James
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    No 1st advance tickets on Holyhead-Cardiff loco hauled services

    Been having a look on Red Spotted Hanky, I cannot see any of the mentioned tickets available, any ideas guys? James Edit Just for clarification I am looking for tickets on the 16:15 from Cardiff to Holyhead service. Tickets from Cardiff to Crewe
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    Fairwater - Penryn

    Any Ideas on what the best ways to split the ticket to here would involve...I don't have any specific dates yet, just looking to see if I can get the ticket down a bit :) Looking to travel one day and come back the next Also I have a 16-25 railcard Thanks James
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    Season from Pontypridd to Caerphilly

    Is this valid via the City Line? The only reason I am asking this, is because I live in Fairwater, potentially going to university in Trefforest, and I have rehearsals in Caerphilly, so rather than paying £15.90 a week for Fairwater - Trefforest. I can have my journeys to Caerphilly paid for...
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    Improvements around Cardiff

    PIDs have been installed on all the City Line stations. What I found most interesting about this, is the displays actually vocally announce the next train to arrive. I have never seen this before, is this a DDA mandated feature? Also could this improvement be related to the perennial rumour that...
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    Do you think that the Nimby's will allow this on HS2

    On the Belgian High Speed Line they have installed Solar Panels on top of a tunnel. The tunnel was put into place to prevent trees falling onto the tracks. This section of line runs along sided the E19 from Antwerp-Breda Link to video is here
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    Can you help me resolve a dispute over excessing a ticket

    Hello If I have a y-p ticket from Cardiff Queen Street to Aber. On the return leg I decide to go to Fairwater. Is it a legitimate course of action to be able to excess the return portion to Fairwater? As a guard on my train earlier explicitly stated earlier to me that this wasn't the case, and...
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    Fairwater - Heath High Level

    Hey, I think i have understood the terms on East Coasts website, but If the website says, 'break of journey is permitted,' it is okay to buy a Fairwater - Heath High Level return ticket. Then to alight at Cardiff Central on the out leg, then continue later in the day to Heath High Level. On...