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    Step 3 confirmed for 17th May

    Should be noted that the rise in Bolton is specifically in the Great Lever, Rumworth and Deane areas of the BL3 postcode. The rest of Bolton has much lower levels broadly in line with the rest of the North West. Also within this area there is virtually no outdoor hospitality. The rise is being...
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    Do train companies have too much power in relation to ticketing disputes?

    I've seen ticket examiners in Scotland deal with regular Fare evaders almost embarrassed saying I've got to let them travel there's nothing I can do. Admittedly no barriers on this route (between Greenock and Paisley) but what can they do if someone arrives at barrier and wonr pay if no criminal...
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    First Group Leisure card travel advice

    I know Arriva specificaly state that employee free travel is not valid on other non arriva Tocs irrelevant of whether the public can in the event of disruption.
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    Porterbrook Cl.769 'Flex' trains from 319s, initially for Northern

    Do TFW use the original 319s driving seat?
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    Do train companies have too much power in relation to ticketing disputes?

    I personally wouldn't repeal any act but I would make it clear that on a first offence for a byelaws matter such as unintentional out of date Railcard that only the equivalent of a penalty fare can be charged (as an invoice so not through the judicial system) and there needs to be consistency to...
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    1st May Northern passengers told to all travel in the front carriage

    I you, many others and me to some extent are against what the government says, however as an employer Northern do still have to comply with government advice whether they agree with it or not as the current recommendations for transport workers is that wherever possible they remain 1m plus from...
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    Size of Northern Line Extension vs Jubilee Line Extension tunnels

    Out of interest does anyone know if the new Northern line tunnel through Bank will be fitted with the same walkways?
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    1st May Northern passengers told to all travel in the front carriage

    In reality a person is very unlikely to suddenly develop symptoms en route. Usually with this type of things you wake up in a morning and feel unwell rather than suddenly thinking I've got covid between two stations. You're unlikely to suddenly think 'my temperature is 37.8 degrees whilst on a...
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    1st May Northern passengers told to all travel in the front carriage

    Again to not protect an employee is a breach of the health and safety at work act. Government guidance to transport operators states 1m plus. It doesn't state that this can be done away with for passenger comfort or to increase capacity. It does allow operators to reduce capacity for passengers...
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    1st May Northern passengers told to all travel in the front carriage

    The information has come from a health and safety rep. That health and safety rep had no say in the procedure. The procedure has come from management and signed of by a director. 1620457902 Do any other TOCs have stock that requires the guard to pass through 2/3 of a carriage to reach door...
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    1st May Northern passengers told to all travel in the front carriage

    I've spoke to a health and safety rep at Northern and on class 195/331s the company have advised that up to and including the second vestibule in the rear coach should be for staff use only. This may be the 4th coach in a 6 car 331. This is because the company have to provide staff with a safe...
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    Penalties after railcards expire

    Maybe when purchasing a digital Railcard there is simply a tick box that reminds the purchaser not to use their Railcard once expired, the possible penalties and advises them to set a reminder on their device to renew or discontinue buying tickets. (That's what I do for my MOT). If the Railcard...
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    Expired Railcard Penalty Notice?

    Ive only been to Scotland a handful of times but when I've travelled on ScotRail there seems to be regulars who simply don't pay and ticket examiners simply shrug their shoulders and move on knowing they can't do anything. I suppose there's no point in filling out a TIR if they can't be...
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    Cross-Manchester connections

    Worth checking live departures (on the metrolink app and Google maps & several other sources) for Metrolink just before arrival at Piccadilly and have a contactless method of payment to tap in handy if your rail ticket doesn't cover the journey. Journey time is about 9/10 minutes. Walking isn't...
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    May 2021 Timetable Change

    All Liverpool to Manchester Airport via Warrington services are planned cancellations until 20th June. This may be extended depending on availability of 195s.
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    Expired Railcard Penalty Notice?

    Unfortunately I don't think that you have any grounds for appeal and I am not sure that you can appeal this other than taking your chance in court and I'd strongly advise against that, this is a sure win for Northern. They do not need to prove any intent on your part just satisfy the court that...
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    Manchester Recovery Taskforce (timetable) consultation

    IMO a non starter. Lack of paths Ashton to Victoria Lack of paths across Heaton Norris Jn Single line between Heaton Norris and Denton and current freight and empty stock moves would dent reliability Diverting this away from Castlefield would mean diverting away from Warrington as well...
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    Porterbrook Cl.769 'Flex' trains from 319s, initially for Northern

    The cab air conditioning issue (and non acceptance of the current driver's seat) seems to be no closer to being resolved. Today's test run should have happened last week but ASLEF refused to let any of its drivers be involved so had to be postponed to when a manager was available to drive it. I...
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    GM Wayfarer - Wigan to Warrington

    That could be very confusing given that they aren't valid on trains or trams in the morning peak.
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    Trivia: Less obvious journeys that will become quicker via HS2

    Has there been anything official to say that's how the released capacity will be used, or that there will be direct trains beyond Stoke?