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    Railcard discounts

    The terms of the 26-30 Railcard state that if a 26-30 discount is not available then you can use the 16-25 discount instead. Does this apply to the Caledonian Sleeper?
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    Break of journey on Anytime ticket

    Well they know about it now. Wonder how long it will take to fix. Not going to hold my breath
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    Break of journey on Anytime ticket

    I've always been under the impression that a Break of journey (BoJ) was always permitted on an anytime ticket. This is based on this page for example However looking at the conditions for a ticket I'm using today it states that a BoJ is not permitted. Has this changed recently or is it one of...
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    Custom/Fantasy Underground Map

    In other news shares in Crayola have rocketed by 50% in after hours trading
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    RTV for cash.

    In July I was able to do this :)
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    TOC on the northern WCML

    The issue is that freight have protected paths which restrict the levels of passenger trains that can be run. If i am wrong 'The Planner' will no doubt correct me :')
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    missed connection due to late runnig Eurostar.query

    Slightly different question, however if you hold a CIV ticket and the UK train is delayed so the last Eurostar of the night is missed, what happens then?
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    National Routeing Guide update

    As long as you stick to the maximum journey time then the actual route does not matter.
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    Trivia> Shortest day return that's not possible?

    What about a journey on the Coryton line in Cardiff on a Sunday? Say between Ty Glas and Birchgrove?
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    Break of journey on STD off-peak return

    Ask the guard to put on the ticket the station you intend to leave the train is what I would ask
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    Do railways discriminate against colourblind people?

    What exactly do the colour blind tests in the medical involve? As I can tell the difference between the railway signal colours, however always fail the colour vision tests at the optician.
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    Man cycles out of Liverpool Street

    Maybe this article confused him
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    National Rail Equiries: Is it me or is it a bit broken as of late?

    Also if you want to avoid going via a particular route, why not use the avoid function available in sites that use mixing deck?
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    Arriva Trains Wales Signs

    Yeah I agree with "Means to pay fare on demand," it just seems that one point contradicts the other. I am having it out with ATW on twitter currently, but I am only getting stock answers back at me.
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    Arriva Trains Wales Signs

    Regarding the sign attached below, does anybody agree that the wording is incorrect. For example my local station (Fairwater/FRW) only has card ticket machines. Reading the wording of the sign it suggests that if you do not buy a ticket from the machine you may have committed an offence. It...
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    Great Western Electrification Progress

    What is the difference between a headspan and a gantry?
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    FGW to convert First Class carriages

    As part of this current refurb will the standard carriages lose any more tables? As I am sure that they all currently have at least 2 tables. Whereas the HST that I caught on Thursday didn't have any tables in Coach C
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    FGW to convert First Class carriages

    Shhhh ;) I was going to ask a question, then decided not to, but didn't delete the text as I didn't realise it was still there...bloody phone browsers ;)
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    FGW to convert First Class carriages

    Thanks Tew One more little question, what