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    Formations of TPE loco hauled services before 'Sprinterisation'

    I believe that in months leading up to sprinterisation, the services were "dumbed down" a little in order to manage public perception. From what I've read this included removing first class and running shorter trains. Apologies in advance if what I've posted is factually incorrect
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    TPE Mark 5A coaching stock progress

    I think you're referring to the Class 67s there. Class 68s have been designed as 100 MPH mixed traffic locos.
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    Hull Trains cancellations due to chronic shortage of available rolling stock

    Apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere ; why did Hull Trains give up their Pioneers? Even back then, the 22x family had an established track record of being reliable trains.
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    TPE Mark 5A coaching stock progress

    Interesting that there's no mention of ETS. Do they use UK spec ETS?
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    TPE Mark 5A coaching stock progress

    They look amazing. Does anyone know whether these might see use occasional use on freight like the Chiltern ones do?
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    TRIVIA: Hardest Rail lines to reinstate

    I'd agree. I believe that Falsgrave tunnel has been compromised and partially filled in, to allow the construction of foundations for a new building. It's hard to believe that Scarborough once had an extensive goods yard, carriage sidings, and pool of shunting locomotive. Now it's little more...
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    Train stabling sidings for Scarborough

    Apparently a mile of new track will be laid early in the year. I'm not sure whether this relates directly to the LMD, or is an enhancement so that charter trains aren't impacted by movements in and out of the depot.
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    Tonbridge to York, return next day

    The additional cost borne as a result of depreciation and servicing costs will negligible. Having recently surrendered my driving license due to health issues, I can vouch for the fact that rail travel is the more expensive mode of transport, even with a disabled persons railcard.
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    Virgin Trains EC 1Y44 breakdown (13/07)

    Out of interest, why was it deemed necessary to detrain the passengers and run ECS to Bounds Green? Kings Cross is less than 6 miles away!
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    DMU v Loco Hauled

    I don't think that a modern loco-hauled trainset has this restriction either. Most European loco-hauled trainsets use driving trailers, rather than DVTs. A driving trailer is essentially a normal passenger carriage with a cab built into one end. An example can be seen here The use of MKIII...
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    Irish Shots - February 2016

    Excellent shots :) The Irish Railnetwork is still interesting, even with the wholesale move to CAF DMUs. How many Mark IIIs are still left (apart from the ones being overhauled by Belmond). Have all the others been scrapped yet?
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    GWR Class 800

    I expect it's been made at Old Dalby Test Track. It's been tested quite extensively there, and has in the last month or two also been undertaking test runs on the ECML.
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    Learning to touch type

    Visit the Typing Test and try! The fastest I could get without making any mistakes was 78 WPM. A highly addictive site ;)
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    When did direct Kings Cross - Cleethorpes services end?

    I wonder if one of the reasons the service fell under the too expensive option was sectorisation ? Intercity would have had to pay Regional Railways for stabling/servicing/cleaning at the depot just outside Cleethorpes station, and then possibly railfreight for fuelling at Immingham depot...
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    Bald Patch

    That's bad luck, though from what I've read about hairloss, androgen related hair loss is not uncommon in females either. Have you had Thyroid function and hormones etc tested? Poor thyroid function can cause hair loss, as can the associated lowering of SHBG.
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    Sold wrong ticket - Advice Please

    Hi there, My girlfriend is in the process of travelling down from Nottingham to stay with me in Reading for a long weekend. She purchased an off-peak return from the ticket office, requesting that she goes via London, as we are spending the day there on Sunday, before she travels back to...
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    FGW 57 shortage.

    [Pedant Mode]Remember that the 57/0s are not ETS equipped[/Pedant Mode]
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    Project Thor / eVoyager

    Yes, I am more than aware that Pendolinos have been extended, and that entire new units have been manufactured a substantial amount of time after the original trainsets were introduced However, in many instances it has been technically impractical or financially prohibitive to build additional...
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    Project Thor / eVoyager

    True, but how do we address the issue of it being difficult to lengthen the various bespoke DMU and EMU fleets? This is a somewhat prevalent problem, and is likely to become more prolific as ridership increases across the railway.
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    Project Thor / eVoyager

    None of the points raised in the posts above address the key issue I've been trying to get across though ; If there is a requirement to lengthen a fleet of existing DMUs or EMUs to cater for growth in demand, it can prove expensive, difficult, and in some cases impossible to do so due to the...