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    Oyster readers at Clapham Junction

    Hi. I frequently make a journey which requires me to change from a paper advance ticket to an Oyster pre-pay at Clapham Junction (or vice versa). I have found that the process of touching in or touching out, without actually leaving the station, is a bit of a nightmare. Those that know...
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    Cycle reservations

    Hi. I'm taking my bicycle from the southeast of England to the Scottish Highlands, to take in some gradients. Been dealing with a well-known online booking engine, whose staff have been very helpful... However, they messed up the reservations a bit. This won't adversely affect me (I am...
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    Crewe to Kirkdale routing

    Hi. Can anyone tell me if a Crewe to Kirkdale off peak return is valid via Warrington stations? Grateful as always for help.
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    When will 2012 fares be implemented?

    It is presently possible to buy tickets for travel in 2012 at 2011 prices. Does anyone know when the 2012 prices will be loaded onto the ticketing systems? I will be doing a lot of rail travel in January and February, and with individual fares expected to rise by anything up to 10%, I'm...
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    FCC again making it difficult for railcard holders

    The first railcard-permitted service south from Flitwick station is the 1004 First Capital Connect. Half of Flitwick knows this, so there is always a significant (10-ish minute) queue at the one-man booking office around this time (and getting there any earlier doesn't help - as the office...
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    'VWC and connections' advance ticket

    Hi. I have an advance ticket from Milton Keynes Central to Blackburn (route 'VWC and connections'. Upon booking, the journey planner gave me a route of Milton Keynes - Stockport - Bolton - Blackburn (with specific services listed). The only mandatory reservation that came with it is for the...
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    FCC evening peak (again)

    Hi. FCC's evening peak restrictions have long been a source of bafflement to passengers. Now they appear to be baffling staff... I am today travelling on a standard Off-Peak Day Return from Bedford to Cobham & Stoke D'Abernon. It is a Network Railcard discounted ticket costing £19.15. This is...
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    Luton Airport Parkway bus

    On a recent trip to Lorraine Chase's favourite place, I found the criminally over-priced FCC bus from Parkway to Airport was delayed by a time in excess of 30minutes. This would appear to be a daily event, with peak time roads to the airport being so clogged that what should be a 10min walk...
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    FCC treating passengers like criminals

    The policies of First Capital Connect seem to be becoming more obnoxious by the day... The latest imposition is that the automated barrier at Bedford (and presumably other Thameslink stations) has been rigged to decline all railcard discounted tickets. Put one through, and it flashes a 'seek...
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    FCC 18% fare increase

    Hi. A Sandy to Peterborough of peak return is £10.00 today. In May, the same ticket was £8.50. Have FCC really imposed an 18% price hike here, or am I missing something that should be obvious? Is the cheapest fare for this shot journey really a tenner now?
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    FCC evening peak

    Hi. Am sure FCC evening peak restrictions have been covered many times here, but the whole thing is so complex I'm going to see if anyone has a simple answer... If travelling on a Bedford to West Hampstead Thameslink cheap day return, to what extent is my return travel restricted between 1630...
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    Milton Keynes to Kyle of Lochalsh tomorrow

    Supposed to be travelling Milton Keynes to Kyle of Lochalsh tomorrow, setting off on the first west coast service and connecting in Glasgow, Perth, Inverness. Scotland seems to be out of bounds at the moment. I have three advance tickets: MKC to Glasgow; Glasgow to Kyle; and a few days later...
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    LM rail sale vs LM Sunday disruption

    London Midland is selling tickets at a reduction of 50% on it's LM-only fare, for travel this Sunday on trains it knows it is not running. It says Virgin will accept these tickets instead. How happy is Virgin that I can right now buy a return from London to Liverpool for £16.50 - a fare from...
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    Route West Hampstead

    Hi. Wonder if anyone can tell me the permitted route for a Bedford to West Brompton cheap day return marked route 'West Hampstead' (no maltese cross). The ticket works through the barriers at both West Hampstead tube and West Hampstead overground stations. Is this ticket valid only on...
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    London Overground engineering today

    Looking to travel Bedford to West Brompton today, on a route West Hampstead Cheap Day Return. Engineering work has shut much of the London Overground. is giving me a bizarre journey, including: a bus from West Hampstead to Gunnersbury a train from Gunnersbury to...
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    East Coast delay repay

    Traveling with East Coast, I was recently delayed by more than two hours (signal fault/broken rail - depending on who you ask). I was at the time on the return part of a day journey, using the second of two advance purchase single tickets (purchaed at the same time, and in the same...
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    London Midland super off peak restrictions

    Hi. First time on here, and grateful for any help you can pass my way... Looking to use the very good value London Midland super off peak return from Milton Keynes Central to Wolverhampton (£11.50 return). I wish to travel out on a weekday afternoon, but the London Midland website booking...