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    Dogs on Megatrain

    I was wondering if anyone knew if you could take your dog with you when travelling on a megatrain ticket? I've had a look at the Megatrain's terms and conditions and it doesn't mention dogs (although the megabus terms and conditions say non-assistance dogs are banned). They do however say...
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    York - Sheffield permitted routes

    Going to head to Sheffield on Monday but just wondering what the permitted routes are? Am I OK to go via Huddersfield as I quite fancy checking out the Penistone Line? And would a conductor be OK with me going this way even though there are several quicker routes?
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    The Olympics/Advanced Fares

    Does anyone know if advanced fares have been suspended for services into London for the period around the Olympics? I'm wanting to book from Penzance to Sheffield on Thursday the 19th July, which is within the 12 week booking period now, however on both South West Trains and First Great...
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    Prague - Berlin/Nuremberg

    Looking to travel to Prague and then eventually Berlin in a few months, have made the journey between Berlin and Prague before and know it's really beautiful following the Elbe a long way through Swiss Saxony, and passes through Dresden. And that the stock is a mixture of Hungarian junk, Czech...
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    Cross Country advance fares

    I set up with AXC an e-mail alert to inform me when advanced fares came available for a trip from Cornwall to Sheffield, have recieved this alert now however despite the e-mail telling me that they are now available to book from the 19th if you go to their website they aren't and you can't book...
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    Megabus Plus

    Does anyone know if Stagecoach are winding down Megabus plus services from the North. Reason I ask is while you can book megabuses up until October on most routes, Megabus plus has been stuck on the 19th May for a month or two now. Not only that but all Tuesday and Thursday services prior to...
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    London to Exeter

    As posted on the ticket forum I'm looking to get down to Cornwall for my summer hols for as cheap as possible & noticed it's only a tenner to get from London to Exeter by South West Trains using a Megatrain booking (if booked well in advance). Has anyone made this journey before and how does it...
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    A cheap way to get from York to Cornwall

    Travelling down to Cornwall to meet my family for a holiday in July and have been taken aback by how much the fare might be so trying to figure out the cheapest way to get there. Reckon it'll be around £60 each way using a combination of advance fares via AXC or EC & FGW but would need to book...
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    Mature Student 16-25 railcard, new photo needed?

    I am a mature student with about 12 months left of my university course. My 16-25 expired about 6 months ago and need a new one for all my summer travelling. I know being 29 I need to get a stamp on the application form from my university but does anyone know if I need a new passport photo taken...
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    Seen any nice birds (in unusual places)?

    I know we've all probably seen some animal life or other while using the tube (mostly of the small furry and 4 legged kind), but was wondering if birds ever make it down onto the tube either through flying up the tunnels through the portals or by coming down from street level. What's the...
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    Night Riveria Sleeper

    Anyone know how to book the cheaper inclusive tickets? Although the day I'm travelling on hasn't come on sale yet (the 13th July) I was playing around with the fortnight before to get an idea on price and it is only showing the standard advanced fare with a £30 supplement per passenger. How do I...
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    Oyster Problem

    The other day I went on a bit of an explore through East and South London via the DLR, Overground and buses. Anyway was making my second DLR journey of the day which was Stratford to Lewisham & when I finished I tried to touch out but the machine just said "seek assistance", I tried several...
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    Buying tickets for someone on VWC

    I want to buy some tickets for my friend who lives in Germany to travel from London to Manchester. Is there anyway I can do this for them from the comfort of my laptop without having to post them anything? I'm thinking e-tickets... However in my experience some companies require you to have...
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    York - Penzance - Sheffield

    In July my partner and I are travelling down to Cornwall for a holiday and then back up to Sheffield for a music festival. Is there any cheapish way to do this or is it going to bankrupt us? Was thinking maybe York - London - Penzance via EC/GC & FGW on the way down and direct via AXC on...
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    How did Skipton/Ilkley get electric trains?

    Was it a pilot project to see how electrification could be rolled out in the North or was it the government throwing a bit of money toward one of their constituencies? I know that it was done on the cheap meaning 225s can't draw power but if you compare the service to Skipton and Ilkley from...
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    Lack of Northbound Peaks on ECML from York

    Have spent the last few days working up in the N.East & have noticed there's a bit of a big gap in the morning peaks for Northbound services from York. There is a service to Aberdeen at 7:37 but the next train northbound isn't until 8:28! How come there is such a big gap? Are the trains that...
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    EMT Customer Service Officer

    Am applying for this job as we speak for Sheffield. It's a bit annoying having to write a paper application as much prefer doing them electronically these days! Anyway moaning aside can anyone give me any tips for getting this job or clues on what EMT might be looking for? Another thing is I...
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    Huddersfield - Sheffield - London Open Access

    Just read on another forum that our old old friends Alliance Rail Holdings are planning a London - Huddersfield via Sheffield Open Access service via the MML and Penistone line, any thoughts?
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    Megatrain EMT London-Sheffield?

    Hi I've booked for my friend from Germany to come upto Sheffield next month on the megatrain & was wondering how exactly it worked. He finds our myriad of railway companies and advanced tickets incredibly confusing so hoping it's not too complicated for him! The booking has just given me...
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    York to Harrogate Season Ticket

    Hi, I am about to start working in Harrogate for a short while and so need to get the train there. Only thing is being in Healthcare I have to work some early/late shifts. The first train from York to Harrogate doesn't get in til after my shift starts (around 7:30) on a weekday and isn't...