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    TPE franchise awarded to First

    Looks like Sheffield - Manchester will remain a single 185 which will only run as a double in the peaks.
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    Northern/TPE Invitation to Tender published

    Lincoln would be another sensible option for a destination east of Sheffield for TPE. Perhaps with stops at Worksop and Gainsborough on route. There has been talk of a local service Sheffield - Worksop eliminating the stops en-route to allow a fast service.
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    Five hours no toilets!

    I had to travel from Glasgow to Mallaig on a 156 that's toilets were flooded and out of service by Dumbarton. It was packed to the rafters too! Cue the unedifying sight of dozens of tourists (male and female) weeing in plain sight on desolate platforms throughout the Highlands.
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    Poor connection at Holyhead off some boats, and general SailRail discussion

    I've used sail rail on many occasions and there is probably only something like 50 passengers who make the journey now per boat.
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    Network Rail upgrade delayed by government (BBC News Article)

    Is Sheffield the largest city in Europe with no electrified railway?
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    Network Rail upgrade delayed by government (BBC News Article)

    Even if he means Sheffield Midland that was refurbished before this Government came into power.
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    How do you solve a problem like GEML?

    Well the 91s and MK4's will definitely not be going to the MML now.
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    Scottish Electrification updates & discussion

    Why is Scotland so good at electrification when England is so poor?
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    Voyager or Adelante

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    Dogs on Megatrain

    In the end booked via EMT and FGW for £25 each way all the way from Sheffield to London which is about what we'd have paid for the megatrain. Coming back direct has been £41 for an advance ticket despite buying it the hour it went online!
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    Dogs on Megatrain

    Just a megatrain ticket then so hopefully should be OK. Seems a much cheaper way of getting from Sheffield to Exeter than Cross Country!
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    Dogs on Megatrain

    I was wondering if anyone knew if you could take your dog with you when travelling on a megatrain ticket? I've had a look at the Megatrain's terms and conditions and it doesn't mention dogs (although the megabus terms and conditions say non-assistance dogs are banned). They do however say...
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    Northern/TPE Invitation to Tender published

    Perhaps Super tram will extend toward Doncaster to replace some of the stoppers.
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    Unverified proposals for Cl 222 Meridians on Waterloo-Exeter (and maybe beyond)

    Other options for increased services over the Hope Valley would be Lincoln - Sheffield - Manchester or Hull - Doncaster - Sheffield - Manchester.
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    Ordsall Chord

    Could they not be connected via the east instead by Eastlands. Trains could run into the low platforms at Piccadilly from Victoria and the West.
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    Sheffield-Dore: Additional Track Possible?

    There were speculative plans for tram train using the empty roads in the Sheaf Valley. Would serve the densely populated & traffic clogged suburbs alongside the railway.
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    Over 215,000 Two Together Railcards sold

    We use them whenever we go on holiday, saves the cost each time and pays for itself probably 6x over a year.
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    Levenmouth Railway campaign

    If the North East of England was ran by the Scottish government imagine how many reopenings we'd have to places like Blyth, Ashington, Consett etc.
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    Northern rolling stock changes post electrification

    Manchester Vic to Leeds must free up a few?
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    Scotrail Turbostars moving to Southern

    Are there any performance differentials between EMT's HST's and Meridians? Whenever I travel Sheffield - London there seems to be a mix of units operating. I would've thought HST's would be reserved for Sheffield and Nottingham fasts.