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    Photo Gallery Experiment

    You may well want to right "write" then....
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    Lineside Locations

    What mode of transport are you using, as there are a few where only a car/bike will get to?
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    Competition 320 :: Voting

    As someone who makes a living with a camera and knows how important workload constraints are, it is vital you take the time to compose the shot in the first instance, with editing only used when you have no other way to get the shot then take it from a pro, editing is the last thing you have on...
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    Competition 320 :: Voting

    Just a small point, enter any "Photo" competition where a prize is to be won then edited photographs are not allowed. The competition ceases to be a photography competition when editing, apart from RAW processing, is entered into the mix. True genius and pro photographers will move position to...
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    Competition 320 :: Voting

    Just a quick question, can professional photographers still submit photographs? As it was mentioned earlier that pro football teams aren't playing in the same league as pub teams.
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    Getting Uglier

    The 59 was designed to look like a western in some aspects and the corrugated sides were included to match the proctor wagons that FY had designed for them although they were withdrawn from service because of structural problems. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and although todays designs...
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    Advice please for dull day photos

    A gradient filter helps on these occassions, a grey filter can alter the brightness of the sky allowing you to have an image exposed correctly.
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    Night Photography 4Q73 Glasgow Central And 1Q06 (Two 31s) At Queen St Mon 9th Mar 09

    The glare is caused when light passes through the elements of the lenses and the more elements it passes through the greater the effect which is why prime lenses are great at night as they have fewer elements to distort the glare.
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    Differences in colours on diffrent platforms

    On my screen they look pale as if the saturation is about 30% or lower
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    Image Manipulation.

    Just a question, does anyone use filters to improve the images they take on digital rather than doing it in photoshop? I use a range of Cokin filters to help improve images on certain days and polarisers. As an old film user on digital, alsways found the best way to produce an image is at...
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    Competition 306 :: Voting

    Can I vote for 6233 please
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    Hatefull enthusiasts?

    What level of abuse did you recieve? if it is about your pictures then brush it off and then carry on regardless, if it is personal then just delete it. I have always found that leaving messages like "This picture is crap" on as someone will always add a second comment. Wouldn't personally...
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    Competition 306 :: Voting

    Although No.4 is a great picture it is too photoshopped and doesn't show movement in the way that others do. Pictures that maintain the train in focus and fore/background blurred show fantastic technique from the photographer and one of these will get my vote.
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    Username Changes

    No, I'm Spartacus! (response from older generation)
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    Public Poll - Discussion of your vote

    Agree with these comments 100%,I see loads of people commenting on images that I feel are just the run of the mill photographs and then I see some exceptional images where very few even bother to comment. The judging panel needs to be well thought out with key objectives for scoring the image...
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    A couple of snowy ones.

    Nice crisp images, really like the 66
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    grit doesn't but rock salt does, the product can't be stockpiled because certain weathers have an effect on it. Where does it go when it is sprayed on the road after the snow has gone? The salt part melts the snow and the grit element gives the tyres something to bound onto. "Grit" is stored...
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    Name that train

    Looks like a reflection in the light cluster LED looks like a unit maybe a 317
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    Canon 1000D

    Don't forget that they don't fit the 5s either, are designed to be used with cropped sensor digital cameras and the values on these lenses are designed for a sensor that has a 1.6x crop factor. Prosumer cameras have two points to mount the lenses and the EFS goes with the white square whereas...
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    Trick Questions...

    Cos it is a metal bar