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    Sprinters on Manchester-south Wales

    Are there any afternoon services that are more/less likely to be replaced by a sprinter at the moment? The context for this is that I need to book my mum on to a train, and because of her back problems I want to minimise the chance of it being a sprinter. Services in question are 1131, 1231 and...
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    "FIRE PULL" handle query

    Probably a daft question, but what does this handle do - does it set off an alarm, or an extinguisher, or something else? The image is from a class 40, but similar appears on class 37. Thanks.
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    Diesel tailing idling

    Saw 45212 at Cardiff yesterday on the Cathedrals express and noticed that the 47 on the back was idling and wondered why - does this assist in any way, or just provide ETS or what? And is this what normally happens on railtours? Just curious...
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    Grange over Sands to Cardiff railtour today - why delayed?

    This one: Does it still have steam on the front as advertised?
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    Wanted: coupling hook

    I'm after a coupling hook (draw-hook?) as used in a three-link coupling. This would be for purely decorative purposes ie it could have exceeded its useful life as a coupling hook. Would anyone know where I'd get one from or make enquiries of? For example, given that I'd be happy to consider...
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    Cathedrals Express to Cardiff 1 March 2018 - ECS arrangements

    I saw that the stock off this railtour is due to trundle off to Barry ( and return ( a bit later. What happens to the loco - will it be turned round somehow in a...
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    Season ticket validity to different Cardiff stations

    My question at some level is simple: is it possible to purchase a season ticket (from Pontypridd) that is valid to both Cardiff Central and Cardiff Bay? And if so, how? The background to this is that my new job takes me sometimes to the bay and sometimes to central, so it will work out a bit...
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    Problems using "via" on ticketing engines

    As hinted in a previous post, I'm wanting to buy a return from Chesterfield to Newport via Stockport over Christmas. It's a simple journey - one change (at Stockport). I've tried various search engines and when asking for "via Stockport" they all give the same options - using Cross Country...
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    Why can't I reserve a seat Derby to Newport over Christmas?

    Title says it all really, but I've tried through three separate booking engines (ATW, GWR and Cross Country) to reserve seats on various services (23 Dec 1037 and 1137 Derby to Newport, and 27 Dec 1200 and 1301 Newport to Derby) but in each case it's saying reservations are not available. In...
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    Pressure change between passing trains

    Hello everyone When reviewing this image that I took of light trails of two trains passing, I noticed that there is a kink in the trails of both trains at the point at which they pass, near the top of the image. I...
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    Cardiff Queen St to Westbury today

    Does anyone know what the loco and formation (wagonwise) of this train will be today? Thanks in advance.
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    Static exhibits at Bishops Lydeard station

    As the title suggests, are there any static exhibits at Bishops Lydeard station? Thanks.
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    Network test train in south Wales valleys

    Basically I want to see the train (loco-hauled version) in the south Wales valleys. How often does it come down here, and is there a more efficient way of finding out its diagram other than repeatedly checking RTT? Thanks in advance.
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    Which Treherbert diagrams are sprinters?

    I realise the answer might be that that it is basically random from day to day, but are there any of the Cardiff Central to Treherbert diagrams that should definitely (subject to nothing untoward happening during the day) be sprinters rather than pacers? Thank you.
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    Delay-reporting website

    I recall seeing, a few months ago, a website that recorded details of delays (including providing average delay times etc) for any particular train over the previous month (or maybe more, or less, but certainly longer than Realtime Trains retains). But I can't remember what the website is...
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    Arriva Trains Wales single ticket validity

    Dear knowledgeable ones... My daughter wants to make a trip which starts in one south Wales valley, involves spending much of the day in Cardiff, and then ending at a station in a different valley. My reading of the National Rail Conditions of Carriage is that it's OK to buy a single from the...
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    Box van for use as a garden shed

    Maybe it's a complete flight of fancy, but I'm drawn to the idea of buying a wooden box van to use as a garden shed. The obvious starting questions are where would I get one from, what kind of price am I likely to be looking at, and what might be the transport costs be to get it into my garden...
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    Help identifying vintage paraffin lamp origin

    Hello I've just been given an old red paraffin lamp, which I assume would have been a tail lamp in years gone by. It has the letters "S Wa EB" embossed on the top in that configuration. I presume this would be the particular railway company's name, or the manufacturer's name. Anyone know what...
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    Showers at Edinburgh Waverley/Caledonian Sleeper

    Apologies in advance for a slightly rambly post from a sleeper newbie: Does the entrance fee (£5?) include toiletries and towel? How busy are the (male) showers likely to be on a Tuesday morning? In other words, will I be queueing for ages/should I be looking to make a bolt from the train...
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    Revenue collection on Valley Lines

    Minor rant #3 of 3 for today. This one concerns revenue collection on the valley lines in south Wales. Over the last few years I'd guess that on around one-quarter of the journeys my kids have made on the valley lines, they've not been asked to pay a fare. I don't really understand this since...