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    Cruise saver Edinburgh to southampton

    I know this is short notice but does anyone know what time the Cruise Saver is due to arrive in Leeds tomorrow morning?
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    Hatfield and Stainforth

    Can anyone tell me what a day at Hatfield and Stainforth would be like as opposed to a day at Doncaster? On average a nine hour stint (1000-1900) at Doncaster gives up to 30 different freight locomotives. Would it be best sticking to Doncaster or going to Hatfield where the avoiding traffic can...
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    Jarrow tankers and ecml postals

    Hey all. As a regular to Copmanthorpe (just south of York) I have noticed that the Jarrow to Immingham tanker train never appears. For years it has passed Colton Junction at around 1840 on a Wednesday. However for the last several weeks it hasn't shown. Does anyone know if it has been retimed or...
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    London EMUs to York

    I never know if I'm putting these requests in the right place but my grandad took a trip to good old copmanthorpe on Saturday to see the London EMUs on a railtour. He only managed to get the number of one of them and has kindly asked for me to ask you guys if anyone knows what sets they were...
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    Railfest movements

    has anyone any idea when loco movements to railfest will take place? UK steam has no movements booked and I cannot find regarding diesel and unit movements.
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    Freightliner class 90... Chelmsford

    I was on the bus visiting my girlfriend over the weekend and was passing the greater anglia mainline near Chelmsford when I saw a grey freightliner class 90 heading south on a freightliner. Unfortunately I was too far away to see the number. It had the red fl logos so was the original livery...
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    Network Rail Yellow 37s at Bescot

    My grandad has asked me to see if anyone knows which two yellow 37s were around Bescot yards on Thursday 26th April. He passed on the M6 so couldn't see the numbers. He will be eternally greatful for the answer. Thanks
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    After going spotting to copmanthorpe for the past few weeks (Wed Only) my grandad is yet to see 185125. He is cursing as we speak as we can't spot it. Does anyone know its current diagram?
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    6Z20 Shipley - Cardiff Tidal

    I am from Leeds and have heard that the Shipley to Cardiff Tidal scrap train is being hauled by a class 56. I remember from my working days on the railways that this service used to run on a Thursday. But I never knew the times. Does anyone know an approximate time that the service passes...
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    Cruise Saver

    Does anyone know the timings for the EDB-NCL-LDS-DBY-SOU Cruise Saver on the 21 April? I cannot seem to find them anywhere! Even the cruisesaver website doesn't have them. Thanks
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    Tilcon Times

    Not entirely sure if this is the right section but I am wanting to know if anyone knows what time the Hull to Rylstone Tilcon stone train passes Cross Gates or anywhere in that area (Micklefield Junction to Neville Hill East Junction). I am going to be photographing ''The Clyde Moorlander''...
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    Copmanthorpe (Between Colton Jn & York) - 28/03

    Well today, as per usual on a Wednesday, I took a trip to Copmanthorpe with my Grandad. As the clocks went forward at the weekend, resulting in an extra hour of light, it meant I would see the Jarrow Tankers at 1840ish, which used to be, and still is hauled by a 60. But as if the 22c...
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    I keep getting asked by a friend if I know anything about 66423 as it hasn't been seen in a long time. Can anyone ''shed'' any light on it's whereabouts or where it has been seen recently. Then I can let him know. Thank you
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    A trip to the NRM with a suprise!

    I had a random, unplanned trip to the NRM today and was shocked to see how much it has changed since the last time I was there. LMS 5000 (I think) is missing along with the Jubilee section, a lot of engines nowhere to be seen, and vast open spaces. Even the main shop had moved! But to my...
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    A day trip to York

    There's many a day I spend lineside with Grandad at Copmanthorpe (between Colton Junction and York) and only see class 66s, sometimes going a couple of hours before seeing anything. But today, I had a day out shopping in York, catching the train from Cross Gates. On the trip I saw four class...