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    Avanti Compulsory seat Reservations

    My partner is planning to travel on Thursday morning from Euston to Penrith for work purposes and then return sometime Friday afternoon to Watford Junction. Outward not a problem to book 0910 (First train an off peak return is valid) However it's difficult to say what time she will get to...
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    Rickmansworth to Sevenoaks

    Planning to travel on Sunday have Oystercard loaded with a Senior Railcard discount any advice where to touch out zone 6 nearest to Sevenoaks with the least wait for another train rather than purchase a London terminals to Sevenoaks off peak day return would be appreciated.
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    St Albans City to Bedford Stations CDR / Split Ticketing

    I have purchased some split tickets between Radlett & Nottingham for next week on the basis that we would leave Radlett at 0855. Splits Radlett - St Albans City, Anytime Day single, St Albans City-Bedford Off Peak Day Return (change at Luton Airport Parkway & catch 0926 to Nottingham)...
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    Off Peak Day Return Watford Junction to Eastbourne (CDR)

    My partner and a group of friends, all senior Railcard holders are planning to travel from Watford Junction to Eastbourne next month, the ticket routed via Kensington Olympia would allow travel on the 0914 departure from Watford with a change at Clapham Junction. For the return is it possible...
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    Travel St Pancras to Hastings return same day from Eastbourne

    Thinking of travelling to Hastings with bike and cycling to Eastbourne and returning to any London terminal. Is there a reasonably priced ticket. Can't seem to find a valid ticket travelling via Ashford International and stopping short at Hastings.
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    e Ticket best booking engine

    I would like to book 3+ advance fares from Paddington to Cardiff. Normally I've met my friends at Paddington with paper tickets. We are all coming from separate parts of London / Hertfordshire to Paddington rather than so paper tickets I would like tickets that be printed out as PDF's so if...
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    Richmond to Kew Gardens Off Peak Day Return

    Going to Kew Gardens tomorrow with a group of 4 people would normally travel using Oyster from the North end of the Met. Thinking of purchasing in addition Richmond to Kew Gardens Off Peak Day returns paper tickets to take advantage of 2 for 1 admission, will tickets ordered online and...
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    Leeds To Manchester 8 November

    I hold a First Class Advance on Wednesday 8 November on 1815 hrs from Manchester to Euston and intend to travel to London with my partner. We will have travelled up from London to Liverpool the previous day & I then have an Advance booked From Liverpool to Leeds where I intend to stay Tuesday...
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    Yet more ToD woes

    Yesterday I tried to collect some ToD tickets at Marylebone. Having entered the booking ref it briefly flashed the booking onto the screen and then just spat out a single ticket with VOID printed four times across it. I then tried the whole process again and got an error to the effect it had...
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    A to B via C Advance tickets

    I've booked advanced tickets to travel from Euston to Liverpool Lime with my partner to help with her luggage. I then will help carry her luggage to a location approximately 5 minutes walk from Lime Street & I then intend to travel on to my final destination Leeds. If I now book an advance from...
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    Kings Cross to Middlesbrough 29 May

    Earlier today booked a first class advance for my partner from Rickmansworth to Middlesbrough arriving at Darlington at 2119hrs and then a Northern service from Darlington to Middlesborough returning. Just learnt that Northern are likely to be on strike, What options exist, I have not yet...
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    Night Rivera Sleeper

    Thinking of a trip from Paddington to St Ives in May, 2 people both senior railcard holders, I'm confused as to ticket options on GWR's site as in one place they quote £70 to book a cabin for double occupancy on top of rail ticket. Currently two advance tickets total £55.40 there does then...
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    Rickmansworth to Brighton departing after 0930 17/02/17

    Considering a day trip to Brighton on Friday I have a senior rail card, am I correct in thinking a paper one day zones I-9 travel card rather than using an Oyster card with a discount loaded and a boundary zone 6 day return is the best option? Can a boundary ticket be ordered online so I can...
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    Adding RTV's to PAYG Oyster

    Previously I have been able to have RTV's added to an Oyster card at my local underground station. On the last occasion, prior to the booking office closures, the person in the booking office left the office and carried out the operation using a POM. This morning I have been told there is no...
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    London Bridge 'The man on the platform '

    Arrived at London Bridge this morning having booked tickets to find huge queue at TVM's told by staff in pink hi vi's just to show ticket ref to barrier staff, l was cheerfully let through with no problem. As I had booked returns and conscious of problems that can occur l noticed an excess fares...
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    split ticketing possibly missing last connecting train

    I have purchased a senior railcard discounted Super Off-peak return between Rickmansworth & Plymouth for next weekend @ £66.65 only £4 more than the PAD - PLY fare. I've also purchased for my partner who only needs a ticket for the return leg, a super off peak single from Plymouth to Paddington...
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    TVM failed to print tickets whose responsibility?

    With reference to a recent topic in the disputes & Prosecutions section. Today I tried to collect some advance tickets booked online via GWR's website at Marylebone Station. Only the return half tickets were printed no outbound or collection receipt. I tried recalling the booking again by...
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    Location Oyster readers at Surbiton

    I wish to travel preferably using PAYG oyster with a senior railcard discount added on a Saturday between Rickmansworth & Esher, oyster single fare to Surbiton is either £2 via Willesden Jct / Clapham Junction or £3.50 viaWaterloo & an off peak return Surbiton to Esher £2.60 i.e. total £6.60 or...
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    Online Booking inc seat allocation Paddington to Cardiff

    Myself & three friends are planning to travel from Paddington to Cardiff on First class advance tickets on 2 August. One person will be travelling from Harpenden and I will be starting from Rickmansworth. From past experience through tickets are cheaper, we all want to sit together does any...
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    East Coast Rewards Advance Tickets

    Thinking of visiting Shilton next month then using a 'free' rewards ticket to return to London between Darlington & KGX. Journey planner gives an itinerary with 7 minutes to change at Darlington, should I be delayed and miss my connection would I have any problem in catching a later train...