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    Sprinters on Manchester-south Wales

    Are there any afternoon services that are more/less likely to be replaced by a sprinter at the moment? The context for this is that I need to book my mum on to a train, and because of her back problems I want to minimise the chance of it being a sprinter. Services in question are 1131, 1231 and...
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    "FIRE PULL" handle query

    Thanks all.
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    "FIRE PULL" handle query

    Probably a daft question, but what does this handle do - does it set off an alarm, or an extinguisher, or something else? The image is from a class 40, but similar appears on class 37. Thanks.
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    Wick to Penzance in a day?

    As mentioned above a very easy alternative available today is 1600 from Wick, 2045 sleeper from Inverness and then a leisure;y trip across London for either 0903 to Plymouth for a connection to Penzance or 1003 straight through.
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    Wick to Penzance in a day?

    It seems to be easily possible even today using either of the relevant sleeper trains.
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    Are there any examples where an alternative route is taken if the service is delayed enough?

    As happened this evening when a train broke down at Cathays.
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    Grand Union Trains Plans to run from London to Cardiff - Now rejected by ORR

    I'm not supposing for a minute it will or should happen, but I can see several potential benefits: 1. I can't immediately find the proposed future GWR timetable, but IIRC correctly there was going to be one fast and one slowish train to Cardiff, so if this provides a second alternative fast...
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    Help with Railway lamps

    Being green, might they be army lamps? Just a thought.
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    Orgins & development of the Liverpool - Sheffield - Nottm - Norwich service

    In the early 80s I recall "The Scotch", which set out from Nottingham at around 0730 via Manchester and WCML to Glasgow and Edinburgh, arriving back around 2130. This was formed typically of around 10-12 Mk2s, split in the usual way at Carstairs etc. From around 1984 there was a short lived...
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    Keolis Amey Wales - Future Rolling Stock

    Just wondered what the restriction was, especially given that 66s used to frequent the route and they're longer than 20m.
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    Diesel tailing idling

    Thanks - I can see that my question was ambiguous! Those are both reasons for the loco being on the back, and in fact this one did turn round east of Newport. But my question was why was the loco idling rather than switched off.
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    Diesel tailing idling

    Saw 45212 at Cardiff yesterday on the Cathedrals express and noticed that the 47 on the back was idling and wondered why - does this assist in any way, or just provide ETS or what? And is this what normally happens on railtours? Just curious...
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    Grange over Sands to Cardiff railtour today - why delayed?

    This one: Does it still have steam on the front as advertised?
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    Wanted: coupling hook

    I'm after a coupling hook (draw-hook?) as used in a three-link coupling. This would be for purely decorative purposes ie it could have exceeded its useful life as a coupling hook. Would anyone know where I'd get one from or make enquiries of? For example, given that I'd be happy to consider...
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    Rolling stock fulfilling ATW timetable

    From my casual observations, as far as I can tell 142, 143 and 150 are used pretty interchangeably on the valley lines. Some will be diagrammed as two pairs because they either join or split at some point during the day, and that can be deciphered to some extent from RTT, but things do change...
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    Trivia: most inefficient direct train (time:distance)

    Along similar lines, the 2138 from Merthyr is sometimes shown as to Bridgend and Radyr (the back two carriages split off at Cardiff Central) which makes a direct trip from Llandaf to Danescourt of 40 minutes. It's about a mile to walk.
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    Trivia: most inefficient direct train (time:distance)

    If the 0608 from Rhymney counts as a through train (RTT says it is - it splits at Cardiff Central), then train takes 1 hr 10 mins from Ystrad Mynach to Abercynon, which is under 5 miles by road.
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    Cathedrals Express to Cardiff 1 March 2018 - ECS arrangements

    I suspect finding paths would be the issue there?
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    Oliver Cromwell breaks down

    What will become of next week's scheduled tour to Cardiff - cancelled, replacement loco, Oliver Cromwell repaired?