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    Safety Critical Things Guards do?

    It's often mentioned here that the role of guards is safety critical and thus they are highly skilled professionals not 'just' to sell / inspect tickets and open / close the train doors. What are these safety critical things the guard has to do? Just curious, thanks
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    Nottingham - Aviemore no return tickets?

    I'm planning on going on a trip to Aviemore from Nottingham, I had intended to use the Caledonian sleeper from Crewe on the way there, and come back on the highland Chieftan via York. National rail enquiries dosn't come up with any return tickets, just offers various combinations of 2 singles...
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    I'l shortly be returning home from studying in Aberdeen and so was wondering what the current protocol was with putting stuff in the luggage compartment of east coast services. Previously I've simply put my stuff in to find the guard appear, ask where I was getting off, se it was labeled and...
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    I've heard mutterings about it but what stage is it at? or is it just "HST's will need replacing soon, ... yup" with no one actually doing anything
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    Renationalisation of the railways?

    There seems to be a lot of people who would like to see the railways renationalised, lets have a vote.
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    Rank TOCs'

    mine are: 1 GNER 2 Virgin 3 MML 4 first transpenine express (buffet like monty python's cheese shop) 5 first great western 6 northern 7 central trains
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    mk4 coaches

    What is the difference from mk3 apart from the push button doors and the tilt profile? also, why do they seem to wobble less than hsts'?
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    scotrail bargain berths

    I'm thinking about using the caledonian sleeper from preston to Aberdeen, does anyone know why Preston is not on the list of departure points on the bargain berths website and if it is apceptable to use it to get a "ticket" from london but get on teh train at preston?
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    GNER HST refurb

    How is it going, will they also be marketed as "mallard" or somthing different?
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    Highland Cheiften

    How long has a direct london-inverness service been going, and why was it set up?
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    class 333

    Good arn't they, almost silent! are they a desiro?