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    ITV Trouble on the tracks

    On the show tonight (19th march) there was an incident where a XC train had passed a Red signal and caused damage to a set of points. It was later stated the driver had been given an incorrect instruction by a dispatcher to pass the signal. Is it correct that a dispatcher can give an...
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    EuroStar return bookings

    I want to travel from London to Amsterdam on 20th Feb. and return from Brussels Midi to London on 4th Mar. Is it possible to book this on the UK Eurostar site as a return journey or do I have to book 2 singles. It doesn't seem possible to book Midi to St Pancras on the UK site, am I missing...
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    The NS Off-Peak Group Ticket (NS Groepsticket Daluren)

    I understand the Dutch rail group ticket. ( NS Group Ticket) is only available online and costs €30 for 4 people. I intend travelling on the Dutch rail system in February with my partner. Is it permitted for a couple to buy a group ticket? The journeys I intend to make are Amsterdam to...
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    Advice on delay with split tickets

    I would appreciate some advice as to whether I am entitled to Delay Repay for the following journey. My wife and I travelled from Manchester Pic (MAN) to Audley End (AUD) on 8th June. The recommended journey on the National Rail site gives MAN dep 10.35 arrive Leeds 11.35. (1P21) Leeds dep...
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    Split Ticket Regulations

    I will be travelling tomorrow from Manchester Pic (MAN) to Audley End (AUD). The recommended journey on the National Rail site gives MAN dep 10.35 arrive Leeds 11.35. (1P21) Leeds dep 1145 arrive Peterborough 13.07 (1A28) Peterborough dep 13.19 arrive Audley End 14.24 (1L36) I have bought...
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    Travel between London Main line stns

    On Friday I am travelling from Manchester to Fleet via Euston and Waterloo. My ticket is a standard off peak single From "Manchester Stns" to "Fleet" route "via London". and I assume this allows me to use the tube between Euston and Waterloo. Am I allowed to break the Tube journey, as there...
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    Maastricht to Koln

    I will be in a party of 3 adults (2 over 60) who wish to travel between Maastricht and Koln ,mid afternoon or early evening, on Friday 18th November. The member under 60 will be making the return journey on Sunday 20th November. I would be grateful if anyone can advise the best route, mode...
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    Köln Hbf: Construction work

    As part of a London Special DB ticket I am travelling between Koblenz and Dusseldorf on 27th Aug. The ticket was booked about 3 months ago. Train ICE1028 from Koblenz is due to arrive at Koln at Platform 2 at 10.05 Train ICE 614 to Dusseldorf is due to depart from Koln at Platform 5 at...
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    Unusual Passenger flows?

    The 11.35 Man Vic to Lime Street and the 12.07 Man Pic to Lime Street. Both are TPE trains. were cancelled today. the announcements stating it was due to "unusually heavy passenger flows" Can anyone throw light as to what this means and what was going on.
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    missed connection due to late runnig Eurostar.query

    I am travelling from Bruxelles to STP on train EST 9141 on Saturday 29th Aug(BH weekend) It is due to arrive at 16:05. I need to travel on to Manchester and the train choices shown on National Rail journey planner are:- 16:58 depart STP via Sheffield arrive MAN 20.02 journey time 3hr.04...
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    Travel on Sat 29th Aug(BH weekend)

    I arrive into St Pancras on Euro Star at 16:05. I wish to travel on to Manchester. I have a senior rail card. The only tickets showing on the National Rail journey planner from EUS to MAN are Off Peak (@£53) (There also only seem to be Off peak for Travel to Sheffield via Chesterfield...
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    Travel on London-Spezial ticket advice

    I am travelling to Cologne with a friend in August. I have booked a London-Spezial ticket for both of us, and printed it off at home. Does the QR barcode on the printout operate the entry gates for Eurostar at St Pancras for both of us, or do we have to present the printout to Eurostar...
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    EU clears SNCF Eurostar takeover

    EU clears SNCF Eurostar takeover, must open routes to rivals From Does this mean routes beyond Paris and Brussels are more likely?
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    EMT Sheffield to London

    Can anybody tell me what train set is usually diagrammed for the 10:49 Sheffield to London on weekdays. Is the first class at the London end of the train?
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    12.00 Glasgow to Birmingham diagrammed for Voyager or Pendolino?

    Is the 12.00 Glasgow to Birmingham normally diagrammed for a Voyager or a Pendolino?
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    Stockport to Whaley Bridge.: Northern evening restrictions?

    I wish to make a return trip from Stockport to Whaley Bridge. Dep Stockport 10.01 Dep Whaley Bridge 15.39. The fare comes up on National Rail and the Northern sites as being Anytime. The departure from Whaley Bridge at 14.41 shows as Off Peak. The Northern site states the evening...
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    French rail srike

    I am due to travel on the sleeper train (no 4052) from Hendaye to Paris on Friday 27 June at 19:24. arriving Paris 07:19 on Saturday 28th. I have Eurostar tickets booked for 17:13 to London (train 9047). If the strike disrupts this sleeper train what obligation do SNCF have to get me to...
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    English National Concessionary Travel Card Information displayed

    Does anyone know what information is displayed to the Bus Driver when the English National Concessionary Travel Card is placed on the ticket machine,(principally on Stage Coach buses)
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    London terminals

    I have booked tickets for a journey from Newport South Wales to Doncaster. I booked it as a single from Newport to Paddington and a single from Kings Cross to Docaster. The tickets say Newport S.Wales to London Terminals. Route Great Western only. and London Terminals to Doncaster...
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    MEN article "Northern Councils run trains"

    This article has appeared today. I thought this was "old news" however the MEN is not renowed for being up to the minute on it's scoops. Any thoughts would be welcome