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    Northbound Lowland Sleeper delayed

    Having woken up at stupid o'clock, I looked out of my hotel window here at Crewe, and noticed the sleeper sitting in the station. Its still here now, at 0400hrs. Over an hour late by the looks of it. Now some enthusiasts have turned up to take pictures! I assume they are early risers waiting...
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    Wick/ Thurso to Penzance, by Sprinter

    I know this has been discussed a while back, but cant find it through the search function. Anyway, im trying to work out how possible this journey still is. Using Sprinters only. I know there are 1 or 2 158s from Inverness to Edinburgh/ Glasgow, so getting to Manchester should be easy enough...
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    Pathfinder, Provisional dates for the diary

    Some provisional dates which I expect a few people will be interested in. Note, they are still down as provisional though, so dont hold anyone to account. 17th November- London to Scarborough, Deltic D9009 8th December- Severnside to Yorkshire, D1015 Western Champion 22nd December- Xmas...
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    Gravesend - Ashford (Kent)

    Not sure if this has come up before, anyway, something i came across the other day. Brought myself said single online (FGWs site). Price £19.50. Journey planner shows route via Ebbsfleet and HS1. When i pick ticket up, it says Route: Any Permitted. No problems so far you would think...
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    Javelin Cake!

    Check out the cake of the 395 on this page. What do we all think?
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    Taunton to Bristol

    A quick one. Taunton to Bristol. Valid via Westbury and Bath Spa? Yay or nay? I would have said yes, as the routeing guide seems to suggest it is fine, but others on another forum seem to think it isnt, for various reasons.
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    What is this forum turning into? Someone mentions about the state of the moderating (fairly as well) and his post gets deleted? So a question? Can the mods take criticism? Everybody can learn things, but if you go round deleting posts just because they criticise the moderating, then this forum...
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    DRS Boat train

    Im sure this is on here somewhere, but the search function has showed nothing. So, does anyone know which stock DRS use for the boat trains? Is it the ex Stobart Pullman Mk3s? If so, i heard they had sold these coaches off. Thanks.
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    CrossCountry First Class

    Just checked the XC website, and they say complimentary meals are served in 1st class, along with a nice supply of hot drinks, biscuits and cakes, and that you have a dedicated 1st class host. Id always though XC had a poor 1st class, so is this true? Also, is it the same on HSTs, as i didnt...
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    Travelcard issued incorrectly

    Advice needed. After buying 3 day returns to London, I went to add on 3 travelcards (didnt buy a travelcard from home, as they arent included in South Easterns 20% off offer. Anyway, doing it this way, South Eastern wanted an extra £40. Not a cat in hells chance (its less than £6 with a...
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    Glasgow to Bristol, split tickets??

    Hopefully an expert on here can help. For Glasgow to Bristol, or vice versa, are there any split ticketing options (whether 2, 3 or more splits) that allow you to save any money on the usual off peak return fare? Ive tried the obvious one of Birmingham, but that never saved me anything...
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    Royal Train

    Whilst travelling on the WCMLs only 'proper passenger train' today! we overtook the Royal train just North of Milton Keynes at about 1320. Anyone know if it was doing anything important, or carrying anybody important (Like Arsene Wenger?!!) It was heading Southbound for anybody that wants...
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    Rail Blue Charters

    Nice simple starter for 5! Does anyone know what traction Rail Blue normally use? Their website doesnt seem to mention it at all.