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    North Western Trains - London Euston - Manchester Airport

    Doesn't say they were pick up/set down only on the timetable.
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    North Western Trains - London Euston - Manchester Airport

    I made a thread about this once you could travel on these trains between Euston and Watford Junction. These services last ran on 13th May 2000.
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    Class 230 units training/introduction on the Borderlands line.

    Is their entry into service still with the summer timetable or is it after?
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    WMR Class 196 Build and Implementation

    When are these going to enter service may I ask?
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    EMR Class 360's

    115 wore the National Express livery for a brief period.
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    Chiltern Main Line Past Rolling stock

    After the demise of 115's and 47's is it true the Chiltern Main Line was entirely run by Class 165's between July 1992 and May 1998?
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    Chingford / Enfield Town before electric services

    Out of interest when did 305's.308's finish operation on the Lea Valley lines?
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    SWR Class 458 to be retained by SWR.

    When will Class 458's start operating on the Portsmouth direct line may I ask?
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    Great Eastern services before electrification to Norwich and Class 86?

    Out of interest when did Class 40's finish operation on the GEML?
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    Class 442s - Now at the end of the road and to be withdrawn permanently

    I cannot believe there isn't any demand for the 442's are commuter levels really not going to rise up again in September surely that would justify restarting the programme.
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    Solo 319 from Euston

    There aren't any booked diagrams with the lockdown timetable they were given a Saturday diagram from tomorrow the St Albans Abbey line is meant to be going over to 350 operation. I would like a ride on a LNWR 319 but I don't think I'll be getting one anytime soon as they're is no demand for them.
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    Class 378 refurb and repaints

    And there's still quite a few 378/1's in the old livery.
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    Class 378 refurb and repaints

    Really I've seen quite a few 378's with the original livery.
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    MML Post Electrification Timetable

    Class 360's take over the Corby line form May 2021 and new Class 810's are due to come into service in early 2023!
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    GWR Class 319 / 769 information & discussion.

    So when will the GWR 769's enter service?
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    Siemens Inspiro London

    Hope they arrive before 2025 I want those old trains gone!
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    Class 321 Withdrawal updates

    Will there be a farewell run for both the classic 321's/322's and the Renatus 321's or just the former?
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    Luton DART and Luton Airport Parkway Updates

    Why are there what appear to be boxes inside.
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    Class 376 refurbishment?

    More than that they're nearly 17 years old
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    Luton DART and Luton Airport Parkway Updates

    So like the one at Pisa Airport you have to pay to get a ride on that one as well.