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  1. calc7

    Quick question: Priv

    Do the benefits of the staff Priv card extend to season tickets?
  2. calc7

    Split tickets: Virgin weekend 1st upgrade

    Sure I've seen this discussed before but my search brought up nothing... Is the Virgin £15 upgrade available with split Advance tickets? For instance, if I hold Glasgow - Crewe Advance and a separate Crewe - Euston Advance (with valid connection time left at Crewe) will a guard sell the...
  3. calc7

    Eurostar through fares

    Never used one of these before. Does the connecting UK train function as an "Advance", or can you take any reasonable connecting train? Or do you get one of the Lndon E* CIV "open" tickets?
  4. calc7

    Chiltern peak super-fasts

    May I enquire as to why Chiltern chooses to stop its headliner Birmingham services at Warwick Parkway and Solihull? Advertising reasons? To give Warwick Parkway and Solihull lower headline times Financial reasons? More "premium" than stopping at Leamington/Banbury Operational reasons? E.g...
  5. calc7

    Has London Midland severed Rugby's chances of more Virgin calls?

    Interested to know what you folks think of this one. Shortly we will see the xx46 London Midland service from Euston run to Rugby via Weedon (and the same in reverse). Journey times won't be that much longer than the xx03 Virgin service. Will Virgin/its successor abandon any plans it may have...
  6. calc7

    Proportionately worst examples of padding

    Is this the worst proportionate example of timetable padding - in terms of A->B journey time versus B->A? Bidston - Upton Merseyside 1 minute Upton Merseyside - Bidston 10 minutes I know why this happens - indeed at the Wrexham Central end you have the ludicrous situation of a train...
  7. calc7

    I just picked up somebody else's tickets

    When in a rush to pick up some tickets I had purchased for imminent travel, I accidentally transposed the last two digits of the ToD reference. This printed out somebody else's journey in late November. Thankfully there was staff on the platform to whom I handed the misclaimed tickets. Is...
  8. calc7

    Where's the Advance fares FAQ?

    I can't find it after rather an exhaustive search - it's often linked to on here! :idea:
  9. calc7

    Could/should/would the InterCity operators offer Advances hours/minutes before travel

    On an Anytime Standard/First Single/Return ticket between London and the provincial cities, it's likely that the 'main' operator receives 50% or less of the revenue (eg Leeds to London SOS will be shared out such that East Coast gets not much more than half or even less). If the operator could...
  10. calc7

    Change of route and ticket type excess question

    Can a Levenshulme to Halifax Anytime Return (rte: via HebdenBridge) be excessed (outbound only) to a Levenshulme to Halifax Off-Peak Return (rte: Any Permitted) for half the difference between the fares? Have asked for this to be moved to the Fares forum as I mistakenly posted here.
  11. calc7

    London Euston: arrivals ticket checking

    I would say 80% of the InterCity journeys I make from London Euston have Virgin Trains staff checking tickets at the boarding gate. This means that with many services no further ticket check is made, except sometimes to make sure the passengers in First Class hold bona fide travel documents...
  12. calc7

    Noteworthy flow pricing distortions

    I was wondering what people thought were the most "doctored" flow pricings? Where prices are kept artificially high/low compared to prices to nearby locations, or where the price seems very high/low for the geographical distance along that route. For instance, I've read on this forum that...
  13. calc7

    Walk-up fares should be sold with a "price won't change" caveat

    Along with the old favourite of The Trainline selling the cheapest fares, a very common misconception is that trains will always be cheaper when booked in advance. I have had a very hard time convincing both friends and colleagues that walk-up tickets will be the same price whether bought 3...
  14. calc7

    East Coast site redesign

    Loving the summery feel but my pair of complimentary tickets are no longer listed on the homepage, and I can't find them in the rewards section. Can somebody let me know where to find them?
  15. calc7

    Pendolino @ Holyhead

    Sorry if this has been posted about before - I'm on my phone as I expected a Voyager and so free internet in one particular coach. Anyway, I'm on the 0850 ex-EUS to HHD which is a Pendolino. My understanding is a diesel loco attaches at Crewe to take us forward. What happens at HHD? I am...
  16. calc7

    Lancaster [LAN] - St Bees [SBS]

    Hello, Class: STD Outbound: 10 Apr (mid afternoon) Return: 13 Apr (to connect with the 1638 from LAN-EUS) Railcards: YP The SVR is quite steep at over £17 (only £10 to a couple of stops before) but it's really difficult to get a decent split as it will usually leave me with a SVR and...
  17. calc7

    Discretion when railcard is forgotten

    Senior railcard holders are more likely to be shown discretion (i.e. be let off) if they have forgotten their railcard, than 16-25 railcard holders. Discuss.
  18. calc7

    Zone U12* Londn tickets

    I cannot find the information anywhere online after thorough searching of NRE If I am travelling with a ticket, say, off-peak return from Zone U12* Londn to Milton Keynes C, rte Virgin Only, the first train out of Euston it is valid on is the 0943, fine. But what is the validity of the tube...
  19. calc7


    Anyone care to guess what % of the time the main InterCity operators ask to see railcards? I've travelled on Advance 1st (YP-discounted) tickets today on the following lines: Euston to Crewe Crewe to Shrewsbury Shrewsbury to Wolverhampton Wolverhampton to Euston and was only asked for it on...
  20. calc7

    Virgin Chester services

    I understand that these are a good stream of revenue for Virgin. But, if given the choice, would they put some of the Voyagers on Manchester or Birmingham services instead? I travel from London to Milton Keynes at least thrice a week. On the return, typically between 5pm and 7pm, I try my...