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    South Wales 'Metro' updates

    The population of Maesteg alone is 21,000. That doesn't include other places on the line; Tondu, Sarn or Wildmill. The line also attracts passengers from Nantyffyllon and Caerau which had dedicated bus links lost to the 'Austerity' forced onto local government. It's amazing that the 'Magic...
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    Trivia: Smallest towns with more than one station

    No they are seperate stations. Penrhyndeudraeth also has two seperate stations.
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    Ex LNER Mark 4 sets for TfW

    I have just gone through a few of the latest posts and it seems that people are more keen on pushing their political points than discussing the subject of the thread.
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    Signal boxes called "cabins". Was this just an L&Y habit?

    Barry Signal Box was always referred to as Barry Cabin by the local staff.
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    Why do Wikipedia articles refer to UK rolling stock as "British Rail"?

    Everyone that I know still refers to the 'Gas Board', 'Electricity Board' and 'Water Board'. I never heard anyone say that they had been to Cardiff on an Arriva Train. They just went by train.
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    Suffixes added to station names on grouping or nationalisation

    Well into the 1950s Cardiff Corporation buses could be seen with 'GWR Station' on their destination blinds.
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    Trivia: Closest stations to each other as the crow flies

    If closed stations are allowed, I would suggest Cogan and Penarth Dock stations. Cogan, of course, is still open. Just a few yards away.
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    Transport for Wales 769's

    Well if it's temporary, what's the hurry? It's not needed urgently in traffic.
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    Transport for Wales 769's

    It reminds me of the old song by Joe Brown. 'What a crazy world we're living in.'
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    Transport for Wales 769's

    No doubt for the same reasons that London to Brighton trains and many others have. What makes the south of England special?
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    Edmondson Ticket Dating

    In my day printed stock had to be ordered, from Reading, when it was deemed necessary. The Chief Clerk was supposed to keep an eye on the number of blank cards being issued to a given station and order printed stock as required. I once ordered printed stock for eleven different destinations...
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    Uncomfortable trains of old

    My favourite loco hauled was Hawksworth designed stock. The seats were very comfortable with great support for the lower back.
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    South Wales 'Metro' updates

    It was the Thatcher government that forced B.R. into a two for three rolling stock replacement. Blair might have been blamed for some things but that wasn't one of them. Just to assure you that I am not electioneering. I have never voted for either of the parties they headed. No amount of spin...
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    South Wales 'Metro' updates

    All of the d.m.u.s on the valley lines had 3+2 seating until the the Sprinters arrived. The proverbial hit the fan when the Pacers arrived with their, nominally, 3+2 seating. They were subsequently converted to 2+2 because three people could not fit on the seats properly. The old d.m.u.s were...
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    TRIVIA - Things you saw travelling on BR that you don't see today

    Lights were always switched on before entering tunnels and extinguished after leaving. If you were travelling on a line that was unfamiliar the lights coming on would tell you a tunnel was imminent. There would have been local instructions covering where lighting was to be used.
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    Merseyrail to ban smoking on station property (except car parks)

    I remember a similar situation at Bridgend. A middle aged lady had gone to the end of the platform for a smoke, far away from anyone else. A 125 was standing at the station blowing black smoke over everything, not to mention the diesel fumes, from idling taxis , drifting into the booking hall...
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    Unfortunately-named locomotives?

    Many years ago, I saw Lord Nelson buffered up to Duchess of Hamilton at Carnforth. What you do behind closed doors is fair enough but in public, that tut.
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    Smallest standard gauge railway company in Britain

    Alderney is not part of the British Isles.