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    Chiltern Main Line Past Rolling stock

    After the demise of 115's and 47's is it true the Chiltern Main Line was entirely run by Class 165's between July 1992 and May 1998?
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    Virgin Trains Simulator

    Back in the year 2000 there was a Virgin Train simulator at the back of the ticket hall at Euston station I saw it a couple of times but it was only working once and it showed a drivers eye view does anyone else remember it?
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    English Riviera Express

    Which date is this train running? Saphos Trains say August 2nd but UK Railtours say August 9th or is it both Sundays?
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    Class 37 Rhymney diagrams on Saturdays

    I already know about the weekday diagrams but I was told on WNXX that one of the 37's has a Saturday diagram now they didn't give me the morning diagram but it's meant to be the 17:46 to Rhymney does anyone here know?
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    Circle line at Gloucester Road

    Why do clockwise bound Circle line trains often stop beyond Gloucester Road station, with the last 2 carriages still platformed, to let eastbound District line trains pass? Wouldn't it be easier if they remained fully platformed, with their doors open, until the eastbound District has crossed over?
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    707's to Shepperton and 442's to Windsor: was I told correctly?

    Is this true on the 442 thread it someone has said 707's are to replace 455/456's on the Shepperton line and 442's are in turn to replace 707's on the Windsor line surely that can't be right it would seem so illogical wouldn't it be easier for them to take over the Reading services or are they...
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    West Midlands 172 on WCML

    While waiting at Willesden Junction I saw a 2 car West Midlands 172/2 on the West Coast Main line could somebody tell me where it was going because i'm sure drivers don't sign that part of the network.
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    Class 317's on the West Coast Main Line

    How long did 317's last for on the main line I know they first appeared following introduction of 319's in 1987 but when did they last operate because the 321's came between 1988 & 1990 so could anyone clarify thanks.
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    165 Hydrive

    There hasn't been any threads about this so i would like to know more about this converting Class 165's to electric hybrids with charging points at termini the demonstrator was supposed to enter service in September but all has gone quiet could somebody tell me.
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    District line engineering works 15/16th June

    I've discovered three quarters of the District line will be closed this weekend no service west of Aldgate East. I was trying to ask staff at Turnham Green earlier today what the situation would be on the Piccadilly line on whether it would be stopping but they said that the Piccadilly line is...
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    Memories of loco haulage in Wales

    The Rhymney line used Class 37s, while several North Wales Coast services were loco hauled and even as recently as 2006 I remember reading about Class 50s on the South Wales Main Line. What can you all remember?
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    Thumper tour to Angerstien Wharf? 6/4/19

    Is this tour still running on that day because I have been trying to get some information about it and I can't get any.
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    Transport for Wales 769's

    So the first 769's for TFW have arrived at Cardiff Canton for training correct me if I'm wrong these are primarily going to be used on the Rhymney line any other lines in particular? Note this is from the original thread Porterbrook Cl.769 'Flex' trains from 319s, initially for Northern
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    Q stock future running

    I was reading the latest issue of Express and it had an article about the Q stock's restoration will it be able to run before the surface network is entirely re-signaled in 2023?
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    First Gen DMU's on the GOBLIN

    Anyone remember what classes of First Gen DMU ran on the Gospel Oak Barking line and when did they cease?
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    LU Sub-Surface re-signalling: Will it end railtours?

    I understand once the surface sections of the Underground are fully re-signaled in 2023 it will mean railtours such as the Met1/Sarah Siddons, the 1938 tube stock and the Q stock (still undergoing restoration) will not be able to operate is this true?, if so that might explain why LU didn't...
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    Electric motors on DMU's

    On many DMU's I've traveled on I sometimes here what sounds like an electric hum however it's only in a particular part of the train. Having said that I've never heard it on a Class 159 or on a Pacer unit could somebody explain why?
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    Class 378's to be shortened to 4 cars and used on GOBLIN?

    Apparently class 378's are to be used on the Gospel Oak-Barking line as a stop gap measure they will be shortened to 4 carriages as the terminal platform at Barking cannot accommodate 5 car trains is this true?
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    Class 159 Bi-mode Hybrids plan dropped

    Just read the latest issue of Modern Railways and it says the plan to convert the 159 fleet to third rail bi-mode operation has been dropped despite the plan to eliminate diesel traction out of London termini first despite other lines such as the 165 HyDrive and plans to fit battery packs to...
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    North London Line

    The North London line use to be third rail throughout when was the third rail partially replaced by overhead wires?