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    First Class on local services.

    Before the introduction of DMUs, the First Class Compartments on local services in South Wales were normally kept locked except for the morning and evening peaks, when a considerable amount of 1st Class Season Ticket holders would be travelling. At other times it was necessary to get platform...
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    DMUs on the Brecon and Merthyr.

    I have a vague memory of a North - South excursion via the B and M in the late Fifties or early Sixties using DMUs. Does anyone have any information? I'm sure I didn't dream it.
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    Opening of Energlyn and Churchill Park station

    I note that the new station at Energlyn is included in the Winter Timetable.
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    South Wales Metro

    Included in today's Welsh Budget statement is £62 million to the proposed South Wales Metro. No other details yet. --- old post above --- --- new post below --- some further information is available at:
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    Rhymney Valley

    The new down platform at Tir Phil is now in use although it is not complete and work continues. The new platform at Caerphilly continues to make good progress. Perhaps we might see a reinstated service to newport using it some day.
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    Llantwit Major

    I noticed yesterday that a TVM has been installed on the Bridgend bound platform. I can't help wondering if this is a complete waste of money. Although there is a brisk trade during the day, there is usually ample time for the conductor to collect fares backed up by the gate staff at Bridgend...
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    SEWTA Task Force Report March 2013.

    I have read this report and it makes very interesting reading. Everything included in the Phase One proposals is now in hand. I have set out some of the Phase Two proposal in order of priority. It would be interesting to garner some comments on the proposals. I have deliberately left out Light...
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    I noticed yesterday that packs of new steel sleepers have been placed alongside the loop at Tondu and new rail lengths of rail dropped in the four foot. If this is part of the plan to introduce thirty minute interval services, it's not going to work without a considerable speeding up of the...
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    Llanelli Station

    I wonder has any thought ever been given to move to a new station nearer to the town centre. The present station is a considerable distance from the heart of the town and, as has been pointed out on another thread, is situated between two level crossings. The railway itself runs quite close to...
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    Cardiff Orbital Railway.

    Yesterday’s announcement concerning the electrification of local services around Cardiff raises an interesting possibility for a new orbital service for the city. The Coryton and City Lines are included and therein lies the opportunity. At present these services operate as one with all City Line...
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    Short sighted Welsh closures.

    Apart from Aberdare and other lines that have since reopened to passengers, there were some others that, with a little imagination, could be valuable if in service today. One that immediately springs to mind is the 'Big Hill' from Taffs Well to Caerphilly. Here was a ready made outer suburban...