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    1S91 crash at Copmanthorpe near York - 1 fatality

    -Job stopped Colton. 1s91 struck car at Earfit Lane. 221136 reported to have derailed. 1S91 has derailed but remains upright. More details when available -Initial report of derailment is incorrect. Train upright. One fatality, assumed to be car driver -1S91 is 14.25 Plymouth- 23.26...
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    South Wales Rugby Extras

    Fotopic update with photos from the Cardiff Rugby Extras. Update includes:- - 50031 & 50049 on the Gloucester/Newport- Cardiff/ Bridgend Shuttles - 47805 & 47847 on the Cardiff- Newport Shuttles - 60 & 66s on freight workings - FGW HSTs at Cardiff Central See more at...
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    The Northern Echo & Rugby Extras

    Got back after a great weekend chasing locos again, fotopic update now includes:- - The Highland Sleeper at London Euston - The Highland Sleeper at Edinburgh - The Northern Echo Ex. at London Kings Cross - The Rugby Extras in South Wales See more at...
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    The Welsh Whistler & Cardiff Footex's

    Headed out to phot The Welsh Whistler & the Cardiff Footex's includes- - 37416 at Dalmuir & Edinburgh - 40145 with The Welsh Whistler at Crewe, Birmingham & Gobowen - 67020 at Crewe & Gobowen - 47s on the Footex's to Cardiff And many more locos, see more at...
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    Locos in Scotland

    Now back from Scotland after a very eventful trip, most pictures from the trip now uploaded including- - 37s on 1Y11 to Oban and 1B01 from Oban - 37s on the Fort William sleeper, including 37406 failing on 1Y11 on Monday - 67s in various locations in Scotland - 6Y15 and 6E16 at...
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    Night Riveria 47s & The Blue Pullman

    Fotopic site updated with shots of the following:- -47813 on various GW locations on the Night Riveria -90s on the Caledonian Sleeper and the ECS's -The Blue Pullman and Eurostars at Shortlands -The Blue Pullman in various Kent locations
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    Bodysnatching in North Wales and the South West

    A fotopic update of some loco hauled trains around the country:- - HSTs in various locations in the South West - 08645 on the shunting move for the Night Riveria - 57603 on the Night Riveria - 57314 on the NWC - 90020 on a football relief from Witton to Stoke on Trent...
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    Fotopic Update: East Anglia Day Out

    Today me and 86242 went for a day out in the Anglia area to phot in various locations including- -90s and units on the Cattawade bridge at Manningtree -Various locos including 57s, 86s, 66s and 90s in Ipswich Yard -37611 at Norwich -90s on London and Norwich trains at Diss See more...
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    Old Oak Common & Acton (with my new camera)

    A look round Acton and Old Oak Common, a really interesting day thanks alot Micheal includes:- -37425, 59s, 60s and 66s at Acton -37405, 37411, 37419 at Old Oak Common -50031, 50035, 50049 and D1015 at OOC -47635 and the OOC Turntable See more at...
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    Bedford, Bletchley & Cheddington

    A selection of photos from the 3 locations above. We went to Bletchley twice that day. It was a rather enjoyable day doing short trips on the MML and WCML See more at:
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    GWSR Diesel Gala

    Today I head to the Gloucestershire & Warwickshire Railway which runs between Cheltenham Racecourse & Toddington. The last diesel gala of the year is held here and the line up included a 24, 37s and 47s Includes:- -24081 & 73129 at Cheltenham Racecourse & Toddington -47105 at Toddington...
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    England, Scotland & Wales Loco Riding

    Here is my recent trip on fotopic, it isn't complete yet still got to get two of my pictures from Edinburgh off a different camera but its nearly there Includes:- Class 90s on Virgin XC The Glasgow Sleeper portion Class 57s on ATW Various freight workings See more at...
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    It seems my MSN account has been hacked for the past hour nothing that anyone has said via my MSN is me talking. I am talking to Hotmail to resolve this.
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    joy54's rail shots has changed to Greenways Rail

    joy54's rail shots has changed to Greenways Rail. New URL:
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    Another end of an era- 37s leave Rhymeny.

    Yesterday I headed over to Rhymney for the last time for the 37s finishing on the line the collection includes: 37405 at Caridff Queen Street 37419 at Cardiff Central 37s at Gilfach Fargoed 37s at Pontlottyn Not all photos are uploaded, more will be done when they become available...
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    Fotopic Update: Lincoln Locos & Rhymney Diesel Gala

    I have updated my fotopic site from the weekend's loco overload- -47851 & 57601 on the Lincoln to Nottingham shuttles -Various railtours at Lincoln station -Nottingham station including NET -All along the Rhymney line with locos such as 33207, 47854 and 50031/50049 Click here to see...
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    The Last of the Slammers

    Today due to a Target Review day I went photting in London, I decided to go to Newhaven to phot the slammers and had perfect timing with only 20 mins to spare before they headed to Stewarts Lane. This was the last ever slam door working under their own power. The collection includes- -A...
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    Fotopic Update- Sussex Slammer & Last Southern Slammer

    I have updated my gallery with two collections- The Sussex Slammer & The Last Southern Slammer & Wessex Area. They include- -The Sussex Slammer in various locations -The Last and Penultimite Southern Slammer -Wessex 31s -Various Units around South The Sussex Slammer...
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    Advance Information Regarding Fort William

    Over the weekends of February 11th/12th and 18th/19th next year engineering works will take place betwen Bridge of Orchy and Tulloch so the Beds 1Y11 get diverted into Oban vice the Fort on the Saturday morning of each weekend and stable for the weekend with 1B01 departing Oban on the Sunday...
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    Staff Slammer Tour & Around London

    Yesterday I went on the Staff Slammer Tour, then afterwards went on the London Phot Meet, the site has been updates with- -The Slammer Tour in Various locations including Brighton, Eastbourne, London Victoria, Dorking, Horsham and Bognor Regis - A few shots on the London Underground -...